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A Puppy Makes A Good Travel Companion, The Ebook Reader A Close Second

August 12, 2010

Three things I learned this week: 1) being told by my husband at 10:30 on a Monday night that I’m going to be whisked off right away on a 6-hour road-trip to Massachusetts for an impromptu social visit with the in-laws made me very unhappy with him, 2) traveling with a 15-week old puppy stinks…literally, and 3) I love my Kindle. When you’re traveling, spending hours on the road and hitting up places that don’t always have internet access, ebooks and readers are the only way to go.

1. Between me and my better half and Strider, we traveled with enough baggage to completely load up a Chevy Tahoe. Have you seen those SUVs? They’re as big as boats, and we managed to fill one up. With all that stuff already, I’m not about to add 3-4 more books to the pile. With an ebook reader, it’s not a problem. It’s lightweight, compact, and fits nicely in my purse.

2. No need for bookmarks. Which is nice, because when you’re reading in your seat and a carsick dog clamors up on your lap and throws up all over your shorts, making sure you don’t lose your page is like the least of your worries.

3. Growing up in the city, I did a lot of riding in subways and public buses, and it always amused me to watch as nosy passengers leaned this way and that in order to try and catch a glimpse of the cover of whatever book their closest neighbor is engrossed in. I have few pet peeves, but it does bother me when I’m trying to read in a public place and people do that to me. I love how people can’t tell what I’m reading when I’m with my Kindle. Look, if I want to sit in a park or rest area or in a cafe reading Twilight, that should be no one’s business but my own, okay? Not saying that I’ve actually done that…