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Some Love For The Republic

August 13, 2010

A heavy update from Bioware today. First, the entry for the Jedi Knight, a class that needs no introduction, has been updated in the Holonet, and the two Advanced Classes of Guardian and Sentinel have been confirmed.

There’s an awesome new video added for the class as well, though admittedly I’m more excited by the quality of the combat and movement animations than I am by the Jedi Knight class. Gotta love how the cheeky little punting of the Bounty Hunter into the Sarlacc pit at the end there has already been dubbed the “Chuck Norris roundhouse kick.” Anyway, compared to some of the older class videos, it’s really amazing to see how the graphics and animations have evolved. That, in my opinion, is the most impressive part of the footage.

Not that the Jedi Knight class doesn’t look like it would be a hell lot of fun. Out of all the classes, however, I think it’s the least likely one I’ll play because all the others simply look so much more interesting, though I have no doubt they will be overwhelmingly popular at launch. Come to think of it, despite the iconic nature of the class, I haven’t personally met anyone so far who has said they will be rolling a Jedi Knight as their main when the game releases. But hey, maybe the new information and trailer might manage change a few minds.

Also, as a nice follow-up to the playable species revealed last week, the Inhabitants section has been updated with an entry on the Miraluka. *shudder* The idea of their vestigial eye sockets still creep me out no matter how many times I look at them.

As well, the newest installment of Blood of the Empire.

And look! Some droid love! He’s so cute…