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August 23, 2010

Since reactivating my sub for the Season 2 update,  I’ve set two goals for myself in Star Trek Online: 1) to reach the rank of Vice Admiral, and 2) grind Diplomatic XP at least to the rank of Attaché, at which point Ambassador Jiro will cease being a well-dressed useless waste of oxygen and actually start giving you some missions to do.

My idea of "leading with the olive branch" is poking you in the eye with it.

The problem is that there is no retroactive DXP for a Rear Admiral who has completed all the missions before the diplomatic system was added in. Even after completing every one of the handful of new diplomatic missions, I was still a ways away from being good enough in Jiro’s eyes. Doing exploration was my best bet. This way I could rake in the normal experience to level, as well as gain DXP if I’m lucky and come across missions whose objectives don’t require any combat.

This weekend I finally achieved the coveted Attaché rank (and I’m not too far away from Vice Admiral either), beginning my first step up the diplomacy ladder. The irony here, of course, is the thoroughly undiplomatic heartless bitch I had to let myself become to accomplish this, cherry picking my way through the missions to get the ones I want:

Some alien: Rear Admiral, Upper Half T’Androma, thank goodness you’re here! We need help fighting off the rebels that have disabled and taken over our ship! We’re dying here and–
T’Androma: *hits the button to warp to sector space*

Starfleet dude: We’ve detected some anomalies on the surface of the planet. Could mean a treasure trove of precious metals.
T’Androma: Brilliant, let’s strip the place.
Starfleet dude: Looks like the Borg have also arrived to check things out. We may have some resistance.
T’Androma: So I’ll have to fight them?
Starfleet dude: Um, yah.
T’Adnroma: *hits the button to warp to sector space*

Science Officer: I detect some interesting bio signs. We should go and do some boring old scans of boring old plants.
T’Androma: Helloooooooo!

After a few days of this, I received my rewards: Attaché title, diplomatic star cluster missions unlocked and Ambassador Jiro’s private phone number. Sigh, looks like it’s going to be a loooong way to Federation Ambassador.  Once I make Vice Admiral I think I’m going to lay off STO and focus my attentions on Guild Wars instead.