August 25, 2010

My problem with free-to-play games is that I have great difficulty motivating myself to play them. A subscription game costing me $15 a month will have me logging in on a regular basis in order to feel like I’m getting my money’s worth, but my lax attitude with F2P has always been “meh, what the rush? It’ll always be there.”

This is the main reason I believe why I haven’t been giving Guild Wars the attention it deserves. The game hasn’t cost me a dime since I bought the trilogy a couple months back. Of course, there have been other factors too. After a handful of play sessions, I found my interest in the Prophecies campaign gradually tapering off. I had learned the basic gist of the game and gotten a handle on my abilities, and was ready for the campaign to take off. Unfortunately, I never felt it did. Nonetheless, I’m not sorry I started with Prophecies; despite its slow pacing, it was still a great starting point for a newcomer like me.

Recently, I decided to jump back into Guild Wars, this time with Nightfall. I have high hopes for this campaign, since PVE’s my thing and I’ve heard that Nightfall is geared more towards it. Thus far I’ve also had no luck getting my husband to play Guild Wars with me, so I was intrigued by the prospect of Heroes, these super NPCs that are similar to henchman but whose skills, attributes and equipment I can customize. In other words, solo play made easy.

And I haven’t been disappointed yet. Koss loves tearing things up.

However, I’m starting to think I made the wrong choice when it comes to profession. I initially chose the Mesmer because they looked fun and really unique on paper, though in practice, I think I’m more suited to a profession that’s less about control and support and more about in-your-face brute strength. I’m still holding out in the hopes of choosing a good Secondary profession that will complement my Primary, and I’ve reached the point where I can choose one, but haven’t yet until I learn more. I’ve started to do my own research, but as always I’m also open to suggestions.


  1. playing mesmer is all about mindset. I’ve always thought of domination as being agressive and in your face, mostly because i find when i get interrupted i get frustrated and it feels in my face to me.

    as for secondary I think most people will generally tell you to go necro or monk. necro for conditions you can spread with skills like epidemic or fevered dreams. monk for fast cast heals and ressurection.

    some people might suggest fast cast AoE spells from the elementalist, but i find that you need ele skills to be at max damage to be any good and eat up a lot of mesmer energy, depending on the spell.

    I’m sure theres less common combinations for specific builds that are pretty good but i don’t know them.

    • I guess I tend to gravitate towards the most aggressive style when it comes to dealing damage. I once dated a guy whom I think Mesmer would be the perfect class for him…he liked manipulation and control above all other styles of gameplay, in other words be as annoying to the opponent as possible. 😛 Me, on the other hand, I prefer to be more direct.

      I think I’ll go with necro on this. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. I think at level five you can choose the secondary. Keep in mind that primary classes get certain skill points the sec won’t. There are a lot of fun classes, experiment! I love the ranger, the dervish is quite fun too.

    Prophecys was the first area I played through and it was slow but it had a nice story to go with it. I do like Nightfall too it is faster and you also get the heroes. Factions is the fastest. I think my record for hitting 20 was one day of playing heh. Honestly they are all decent for PvE it’s just you get more bonuses for playing through the newer expansions first, and the newer tend to level you much faster.

    For more direct, in your face classes you might want to try the dervish, warrior or even the ranger is fun. While a range class they can still shoot up close and they get neat pets. War/Mo is a good strong combo. I liked the assassin too but they recently got a nerf so I don’t know how they are these days.

    Some of the class combos work better than others. Some are more fun than others. Check out Guild Wars Guru forums, lots of info there if you want a peek. http://www.guildwarsguru.com/forum/

    I still play sometimes, not as much as I use to. Hope you have fun! Maybe I’ll pop on sometime if you end up playing it more.

    • Yep, I’ve reached level 5 and was able to get the quest to get my Secondary. I hadn’t decided at that point though whether or not I was going to stick with the Mesmer or go with something else. The Ranger was a tempting profession to go with, but I think I’ll give the Mesmer a chance and see how it goes for a little longer.

  3. I am level 5 today too and I’m not sure um sticking with Necro. I feel I need a class with more punch in your face too. I might re roll tomorrow. Idk

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