Random WoW Shots

August 26, 2010

1. Northrend Is New Again

They conquered Azeroth. Then they plowed through Outland. Now the Terrific Tauren Two are finally in Northrend, beginning their adventures in Howling Fjord (by far a more preferable starting point than Borean Tundra).

The trip through Outland was pretty disappointing, to say the least. For years I’ve played Alliance and finally rolled Horde to see what the other faction has to offer. Playing the Burning Crusade expansion, entering a whole new continent, I had expected to see some Horde-centric content right off the bat. But from the outset, all the quests were essentially the same, with little changes here or there in the quest text. Even most of the Horde towns beneath their red-bannered facades were laid out just like the Alliance ones. Come on, Blizzard, boring!

I think I expected much the same when I landed in Northrend, and the prospects of having to repeat the same content I’ve already done oh so many times before made me want to stab a pencil in my eye. But ever since I stepped foot on Vengeance Landing, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. For one thing, how awesome is the zeppelin tower? It’s nice to know that I can still be amused by little things like that. And I’m loving the Forsaken-related quests, as I’ve always been interested in their stories.

2. Working The Remote Auction House

There are few things I dislike more than upkeep in MMOs. By that I mean things like farming for crafting materials, burning cooldowns or selling things on the auction house. Things that make the world go round. Chores.

Even with all the multitudes of addons and tools available to make auctioning easier, I still hate doing it. I know there are folks who live for the AH, but when I’m logged in and on the game, the last thing I want to do is waste time deciding how much each of the dozens or so items in my inventory is worth or figuring how much I should be undercutting some bastard. I’ve even resorted to sending all my auction items to my husband’s toon to have him sell them for me, since he doesn’t seem to mind doing it.  He’s been a good business partner, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he’s been skimming off my profits.

Anyway, everyone has their moments of sheer impulse. During one of mine, I decided to drop the $3 to takes to subscribe to the Remote Auction House service, figuring I’d give it a month or so to see what I think. I’d read a review or two beforehand and thought it sounded pretty nifty. But now that I’ve tried it out, what I really like about it is that necessary burdens like working the AH can be done whenever and wherever I have access to my iPod Touch and WoW Armory app — whether I’m in the backyard taking my dog out, lying in bed before I go to sleep, or relaxing in the bath (hey, I do love multitasking when I can). On the other hand, when I’m on the computer playing the game, I’m actually playing the game.

I also love the fact I don’t have to be anywhere near an auction house in game for the RAH to work. No more having to go out of my way to travel to a city, which is especially nice when you’re out questing in the sticks with an inventory near to bursting. I can go to any of my characters, access anything from my inventory, bank or mailbox and put it up on the AH no matter where I’ve logged out. I can also post to the neutral auction house if I choose to do so, which means that if you’ve got a friend, laundering money between factions has never been easier.

3. Setting My Sights On The Cataclysm Collector’s Edition

The contents are perhaps a little underwhelming, but I’m still pretty excited. Screw the DVD and the dumb cards, I’m all over the art book and the soundtrack (though Lil’ Deathwing is cute too). Having both of these included in a box pretty much guarantees I’ll be buying the Collector’s Edition…which also means I’ll probably be out waiting in a line in front of some Best Buy or Gamestop on the eve before launch day, waiting for the midnight release.

Would you do that for Cataclysm, or for any other game for that matter? What do you think of people who do that?

Personally, I can recall only three occasions in recent memory where I lined up for something nerdy in the middle of the night, and it’s always been a blast:

  1. One of the new Star Wars movies, but I can’t for the life of me remember which one. Okay, it was The Phantom Menace! I was 15 and foolish.
  2. Superman Returns IMAX 3D at the insistence of one of my friends (and this was back when I was a bigger DC comics fan).
  3. The Wrath of the Lich King release, where I found myself near the front of the line with a bunch of cool guys. For three hours we talked WoW, cursed the bitter Canadian winter, and watched as one of them did funny impressions of his boss.

Fun times.

Edit: Oh, wait. There was also that time at the bookstore with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Hee.


  1. Grats on reaching Northrend, my Tauren druid is almost there as well! Funny how you also prefer the Fjord to Boring Tundra 😉 Much better story arc imo and aesthetically pleasing zone.

    Oh and thanks for the link, I’ll add whilst underwhelmed if I have money to burn come release I’ll purchase the CE – my grubby lil hands want the art book badly so I may yet give in. I just kinda expected some better ‘gifts’, the fact blizz didnt add authenticators is a massive surprise imo considering the sharp increase of hacked accounts recently *shrug* we shall wait and see.

    • I’m also surprised they didn’t include the authenticator, after hearing all the rumors that they would. All in all it’s a pretty good collection of stuff though, I think all CEs should at a minimum include an art book and soundtrack 😛 I don’t mind the mousepad either, my Northrend one from the WotLK CE is getting really worn out!

      • P you should have a redirect to your new page! I was wondering what happened to you recently lol.

      • i have no way back to my old blog so dont know if i can redirect

  2. That’s really interesting. I assumed you had to be logged out near an AH for that to work. I’ll definitely look into that if I ever play WoW again.

    One of the few good things about EQOA (an obscure game I’ve been meaning to write a retrospective on for a good long while), is that you could access the AH anywhere in game. It was fun (if not remotely realistic) to be able to bring up the AH menu and check bids or search for items while out in the middle of nowhere, taking a break from farming snow leopards or what evere.

    • Yeah, that’s nice 🙂 I have to be logged out of the actual game to use the RAH, but it’s come in handy especially with the instantaneous response time. I’ve come across instances where I needed something for a quest in the middle of nowhere, and all I had to do was log out, sign into the RAH, buy it off the AH, and voila, the item was available for pick up in the mail as soon as I logged in again.

  3. Only time my wife and I ever bought a game outside normal business hours (excluding online distribution like Steam) was for BC and WLK. Both times we didn’t stand in line. We went to Wal-Mart at about 2am. Dozens of copies, no line, no reserving. 🙂

    • The time I got WotLK, about 150 people lined up at the Best Buy in downtown Toronto, which only got 75 copies of the CE. I doubt everyone was there for the CE, but I’m sure there were some who walked away disappointed that night. Not me though, I was like 3rd in line 😀

      • Oh, CE. Never went for the CE of anything. 🙂

  4. If I wanted one bad enough I would hehe! I bought Aion on the night it released but there was no wait lmao. Other than that I can’t really remember anything else for an example.

    The remote AH looks pretty nifty!

    • I have the Aion Collector’s Edition too. Enjoyed the fact they included the soundtrack, which is amazing, but wasn’t too crazy about the figure. I’m not big on stuff like that. Nice in-game items too, though too bad I didn’t stick around the game too long.

  5. Congratulations! I agree, Howling Ford is so much better than Borean Tundra. I suppose if I were more into the AH, the RAH would be fun to use, esp when I can’t get into the game itself for whatever reason. I wonder how it is affecting the economy. And I am definitely getting the CE. It may not have a ton of great stuff, but the art book and soundtrack are what I’ll look forward to.

    • As far as CEs go, WoW’s got it right. Sure, it might be a bit meh, but I think it’s only because it’s the same stuff as before. Honestly though, I’m quite pleased. Hopefully I will be able to snag one, being out here in the suburbs I think my chances should be better than in a big city where I used to be. Now to convince my husband to wait in line with me 😀

  6. I remember when I was starting WoW, it was right as the Burning Crusade was launching. I had heard about the release only being on trial then. And heard from somewhere that the game stores was going to be opening at midnight to sell the new game release. I thought them people are out their mind nuts to line up for a game at midnight.

    Having fell in love with the trial game and the launch which was just mere days away. I guess it happened out of pure curiosity on launch day I drove out past my best buy to see really if people were actually lining up. Yeah sure enough was a damn long line around the best buy. I was like damn, them people are nuts. I parked, got in line and spent 2 hours waiting for the store to open while listening to everyone be nuts talking about playing X, Y class. hell I didn’t even know how to talk about the game them, so i just listened to a bunch of nuts WoW players talk about the game. Yeah i got me the BC game. Funny i became one them nuts people too. lol

    I’ll probably be in line for Cataclysm, how knows.

    • I think I remember wanting to wait in line at midnight for the BC expansion too now that I think about it LOL. But I was in grad school at the time in the middle of nowhere, and I didn’t want to travel into the city and back because I had an important class or something the next morning that prevented me. Nuts about the game or not, thank goodness I had my priorities straight 😛

      When WotLK rolled around, I was working downtown and they had also opened a Best Buy in the city by then. I was able to get the game, play around til 1am or so but still made it work on time later LOL

  7. I think the Remote Auction House is a very nice tool and perfect for people who do a lot of buying and selling. I got really hooked on it during the beta and loved making cash with it. I never subscribed to the live service though as I stopped mining and selling ore so there wasn’t a huge need for it.

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