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Staying Stylish In Starfleet

August 27, 2010

Once again, Cryptic has managed to coax me into spending a few more dollars in their Star Trek Online C-Store. Yeah, I’m still feeling a little bitter over it, but really, why kid myself. The sooner I accept that things like the Off-Duty 21st Century Formal Wear costume pack were made for in-game cosmetic item junkies like me, the happier I’ll be.

For female formal wear, the options are severely limited, but I like the design all the same, except for the fact that those shoes are UGH! All the same, I love having the excuse to craft the indomitable T’Androma a new outfit.  Now where does one go for a hot date in the Star Trek universe?

Where have I seen that style of cloth belt before? It's so strange, or is it working as intended?

Actually make that the indomitable Vice Admiral T’Androma, which means my first goal of making it to max level again after Season Two has been achieved. It’s nice to be back at the top, with the added benefit of not having that Rear Admiral, Lower Half or Upper Half nonsense anymore.

I’m ready for some fleet actions!

Sporting the new Vice Admiral jacket, another new outfit to customize.