Staying Stylish In Starfleet

August 27, 2010

Once again, Cryptic has managed to coax me into spending a few more dollars in their Star Trek Online C-Store. Yeah, I’m still feeling a little bitter over it, but really, why kid myself. The sooner I accept that things like the Off-Duty 21st Century Formal Wear costume pack were made for in-game cosmetic item junkies like me, the happier I’ll be.

For female formal wear, the options are severely limited, but I like the design all the same, except for the fact that those shoes are UGH! All the same, I love having the excuse to craft the indomitable T’Androma a new outfit.  Now where does one go for a hot date in the Star Trek universe?

Where have I seen that style of cloth belt before? It's so strange, or is it working as intended?

Actually make that the indomitable Vice Admiral T’Androma, which means my first goal of making it to max level again after Season Two has been achieved. It’s nice to be back at the top, with the added benefit of not having that Rear Admiral, Lower Half or Upper Half nonsense anymore.

I’m ready for some fleet actions!

Sporting the new Vice Admiral jacket, another new outfit to customize.


  1. First picture: Hot!
    Second picture: Awesome!

    I like the combat boots and gloves with the Admiral’s coat, T’Androma really looks ready to kick some butt.

    • I love how you’re able to customize a stance/pose with the outfit as well.

  2. Sweet looks. I’m not overly concerned about paying for cosmetic stuff in MMOs. I’m one of those people who feel that stat=padding in a P2P C-Store is evil (quit Fallen Earth over it, in fact). But to look cool, alls the better. Comes from my time designing characters in Second Life and having to purchase everything from someone else I suppose.

    No, the problem is trying to weather my wife teasing me of playing with my dolls. >.<

    • That’s true. I feel the same way about some of the ships in the STO C-store, some of them are so powerful. But then you don’t have to buy them if you don’t want to, you can earn them through the game with emblems, just takes longer.

  3. Shwing! Great looking outfits! Since I’m moving from the Klingon to the Romulan front, I’ve changed uniforms; I think I’ll make my own style post!

  4. Looks pretty! I am a junkie for that fluff too. I bought an appearance item last week in EQ2X for my character… could…not…resist.

    • I’m that way for sure. First thing I look at are cosmetic pieces like costumes…I love just “window shopping” through the item shops too, but that’s always very dangerous 😛

  5. “Now where does one go for a hot date in the Star Trek universe?”

    Risa obviously!! 😛

    • Mustafar!! Oh wait, nvm. ;P

      • LOL, bad, Rowan, bad! 😀

  6. Love the first outfit, but I have to agree the shoes don’t go well with it. What were they thinking?

    On the second outfit, all I can say is awesome. I think I’d have to pony up for that were I playing. I may be slovenly irl, but I’ll be damned if my online avatars aren’t styling.

    • The shoes for the formal outfit are terrible…and you can’t do anything to change them either!

      And good thing about the Admiral’s outfit, I didn’t have to pony up anything for it, got it free just for getting promoted!

  7. Lookin’ good, T.

  8. I’m not a big fan of the dress.. looks ruberry on that screen shot. Unless of course that is standard Vulcan fashion.

    • I’m not sure what fashion that is, to be honest, nothing I’ve ever seen in Star Trek, nor is it anything I’ve seen in this era 😛 Like I said, the cloth belt just looks weird to me.

  9. Gonna agree with Blue Kae on the first post, the first dress in Hot! The second is Awesome with boots as well.

    Hot dates on Risa or at Unimatrix Zero. However you would have to have been a borg to get to Unimatrix Zero and probably no longer exist. So only Risa and the holodecks are mostly left.

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