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They’d Be Crazy To Follow Us, Wouldn’t They?

September 3, 2010

Today’s update from Star Wars: The Old Republic doesn’t reveal much more than we already know, but hey, if it’s anything space combat-related and gives me another chance to use a cheesy old Star Wars quote in the title, I’ll take it.

What’s nice is that a Game System section has been added, giving a general overview for Space Combat in the Holonet. One thing of note is that the mission types we’ll get in space are slowly starting to take shape — indeed, we’ll probably get to do some Han Solo style maneuvers through asteroid fields, beat the odds in a Luke-vs-the-Death-Star type showdowns, engage in some dogfighting, and even go on some escort missions (ugh, mind already picturing some not-so-pleasant scenarios involving lumbering capital ships).

I also thought the article was written in a way which makes it clear that the space combat component of SWTOR will be a tunnel-shooter mini-game. The emphasis on “lone starship”, and terms like making travel times “literally fly-by” and being put on a “direct course” say more than enough. It’s almost like Bioware’s realizing expectations for space combat were getting out of hand and they need to get more information out there, stat.

With the understanding that space combat is an optional, alternative single-player experience, I guess I was a little surprised to see the results in this poll. Things aren’t looking too positive as at the time of this writing, people who are happy with the feature still outnumber the ones who aren’t — but just barely.

I admit, my first reaction at seeing those numbers is an exasperated What the hell do people want?! On the other hand, even if I don’t exactly sympathize, I’m also starting to see for the first time the cause for all the dissatisfaction. Simply too much time was allowed for speculation and imaginations to run wild. As usual the policy of only talking about what is 100% ready to be shown proves to be a double-edged sword that can either work in your favor or blow up in your face. However, I certainly don’t agree with the vitriolic sentiment that Bioware brought this on themselves (/facepalm), and in fact if PAX is any indication, they’re out there listening to feedback (so long to the Jedi “Wizard”, hopefully?) and I’m hoping for some more substantial news to roll out this weekend.