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Mysteries Of Knights Of The Old Republic, Meatbags

September 4, 2010

The new Star Wars: The Old Republic video that came out of PAX today is nothing short of awesome, a treat for KOTOR fans and especially those of us who have been vexed all this time by the mystery of Revan.

Dammit, you know you can’t be throwing around images of a certain helmet and using words around like “rebirth” without getting me all hot and bothered. What does this mean? Will SWTOR reveal the fate of Revan? Surely, after 300 years, it won’t be so trite as to have him still alive? As always, more questions than answers, but without a doubt, this was more of the kind of update I was hoping for this weekend. And it was nice to see an old “friend” at the end there.

Still, Bioware, you’re all dirty, dirty teases.