Mysteries Of Knights Of The Old Republic, Meatbags

September 4, 2010

The new Star Wars: The Old Republic video that came out of PAX today is nothing short of awesome, a treat for KOTOR fans and especially those of us who have been vexed all this time by the mystery of Revan.

Dammit, you know you can’t be throwing around images of a certain helmet and using words around like “rebirth” without getting me all hot and bothered. What does this mean? Will SWTOR reveal the fate of Revan? Surely, after 300 years, it won’t be so trite as to have him still alive? As always, more questions than answers, but without a doubt, this was more of the kind of update I was hoping for this weekend. And it was nice to see an old “friend” at the end there.

Still, Bioware, you’re all dirty, dirty teases.


  1. Not to be cruel (although I am), but did you notice the shadow approach the mask? I wonder who or what that could of been…

    • Oh, yes the ominous shadow. It’s been on my mind since I saw the video because of course, part of me is going bonkers with the thought it could be HIM, yet another is wondering if the explanation could be as ordinary as the player’s own shadow. And yes, you are cruel, Sean (what I’d give to see inside your head) πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› But since you guys do such amazing work over there, I forgive you!

  2. Hey..if A’Sharad can come back a hundred years later to become Darth Krayt..Revan can definatelty be re-born too.
    I was 9.5/10 excited for the game before, now it 11/10!

    • LOL for sure, he definitely wouldn’t be the first Star Wars character to find his way back! A part of me will still be giving a /rolleyes if I find out Revan somehow found immortality/had his consciousness tranferred/is a clone, cyborg or anything like that, because I think him being truly gone would make the mystery that much more delicious. I do so love digging up answers in the past, but even so I guess I can find it in my heart to accept it…only for Revan πŸ˜›

  3. I hate to be a downer, but damn it. Why do certain elements within star wars insist on bringing back our ‘old friend’.

    I was not pleased when this happened eps 1-3 and although he’s pretty awesome…. it just smacks of the same mindset of the prequels.

    • I know what you mean but also think exceptions can be made. Some characters will always be popular, and if they’re going to do it no matter what anyway, I don’t mind them reappearing as long as there’s a good and more importantly believable explanation.

      Even for the prequels, I thought the addition of C3PO and R2D2 were nice touches (though did Anakin really have to be the one who built C3PO? Still, them being droids and all also makes their presence easier to explain…) Even the appearance of Boba Fett, which irritated me at first because they took away all his mystery, I accepted after a while because at least he was an integral part of the Jango plot.

      On the other hand, I thought the addition of Chewbacca, for instance, was completely unnecessary. It really could have been any wookiee.

      • wow. i dont’ think i could disagree more with this. I mean i respect your opinion, but it really was disheartening to me how the very characters you mentioned were used essentially as props and merchandising opportunities. i get pretty long winded about it in my next post which should be published….tonight sometime.

      • Well, with the prequels the droids had to be there. Lucas only said they were going to be there for the decades between 6 and 1.

        As for this and him maybe being there. Eh, Yoda was how many hundred years old? Age certainly isn’t a factor.

        Oh, and I loved the Schrodinger’s Jedi. “Before his rebirth he was both Sith and Jedi. . .” Erm, given we could choose which way to go it stands to reason he was both until that choice was made, much like the cat is both alive and dead. Yes, I know it can be taken another way in a linear view of the timeline, just cool it can be taken both ways (intentional or not).

      • @Hunter – the difference between you and me is likely that I expect answers when I invest myself in a story. Some people are fine with letting a mystery go unsolved and I respect that, but I’m rarely ever okay with this. It makes me think about the upcoming Witch Hunt DLC for Dragon Age, which to date is the only DLC I’ve seriously considered buying even though I love the game, because it promises to answer one of the biggest mysteries that have been bothering me since completion of the main game.

        Revan undeniably has a lot of fans and his story was probably the most significant one that happened in this era in the Star Wars expanded universe. Considering Bioware had a hand in that story, I think it makes total sense for SWTOR to revisit it again and bring closure. That’s not to say I wouldn’t be a little peeved if he does somehow make a reappearance in the game, because a part of me would. But regardless, I don’t think I’d care that much because above all, I’d really want a resolution to his mystery. And perhaps I’m putting a little too much faith in Bioware, but I do believe if anyone can come up with a satisfying ending, it would be them.

        @Grey – Some characters coming back make more sense than others. But if I’m to be completely honest, I’d take a dozen popular old characters being brought back in prequels over a new one like Jar Jar Binks. And interesting take on Shrodingers’s Jedi πŸ˜›

      • True. There must be something I am missing from not having played KOTOR2 more than the beginning, twice. I think I covered that in a blog somewhere so no spoilers. πŸ˜›

        As for Revan’s story I think you underplay the significance of that story in Star Wars. Not just the expanded universe but the entire glob which is Star Wars, canon or not. Simply put, Bioware did what Lucas could not.

        Vader was a compelling character, 4-6. With the addition of 1-3 he was transformed into one of the worst characters of all. The transformation from Anakin to Vader was botched and bad.

        Revan’s story (at least through KOTOR) is far more compelling, far better handled, far more powerful and iconic. While all of Star Wars has some excellent characters and stories (Michael A. Stackpole anyone?) when your character and story out-Star-Wars…es(?) Lucas & Vader, that’s not something to put down lightly. Esp. in a game and story which is not that far removed.

      • @Grey – I completely agree with you on all points, though I think the transformation from Anakin to Vader could have been a classic tale if its execution just wasn’t so abominably, horrendously bad.

        And perhaps I did underplay Revan’s significance…he is an amazing character after all, and Bioware’s telling of his story beat ep 1-3 hands down. In terms of mainstream popularity though, I wish he was more well-known.

      • I’m pretty sure we had closure with revan. Walking off into the sunset, like it or not, is an ending. Not all stories end with people dying. Do you want to know what happened to cinderella or is happily ever after good enough?

        revan completed all the goals he set out to accomplish, defeating malak, etc. I don’t need the story to continue necessarily. Its not always a good idea to just keep going, especially when its with an unlikely and hard to believe plot point.

        i guess we’re not going to come to an agreement on this, but hey its fun discussing it.

      • But was it truly closure even if things were left so wide open? Cinderella certainly didn’t declare anything as bold as a journey into deep space to find the true sith before settling into happily ever after. Revan rode into that sunset but not before deciding to set out on another unresolved mission that may or may not have ever been realized. Then never returned. Sure, the simplest explanation is that he could have just died out there and we can leave it at that, but I’d like to think he’s more deserving of a better ending. I’ll even take what happened to the people he left behind. For instance, there had to be more to the end of KOTOR if indeed Satele Shan is a descendant of Bastila and Revan, meaning the two of them had to have left behind at least one offspring. Little details like that, tidbits to put together what happened, are what I’d love to see.

        We’re probably just going to have to agree to disagree, but I do love having these nerdy Star Wars discussions too. I really don’t have enough opportunities to do so outside this blog πŸ™‚

  4. I’m starting to get so excited about SW:TOR it’s almost dirty…

  5. Man this looks exciting. I have never played KOTOR, or the sequel. Looks like I may ave to pick it up if it is going play heavily into the current game. OTOH I started WoW having never played any of the RTS games, and had no problem getting into it. In fact, when I did begin playing Warcraft III, I didn’t like it very much, at all. But I love the lore. Is there a book that covers the KOTOR story?

    • Oh, and what were y’all doing up at 3:41 in the morning on a Sunday!?!

      • Talking Star Wars πŸ˜›

    • Good question, but I don’t think there’s a KOTOR novelization. Which is kinda surprising to me, because if I’ve learned anything about the industry it’s that if there’s a chance to write a novel about a Star Wars game then by god there should have been an author somewhere already getting right on that. It’s just a matter of time, I suppose!

  6. […] I don’t write much about The Old Republic, but I want to today. So let’s talk about the big PAX reveal! But first – an apparently random […]

  7. I had thought to give props to BioWare regarding the excellence in the presentation, as far as lore. However, after watching this, I feel there is nothing more I can really say on the subject: I have total confidence in BioWare to deliver a fantastic, rich, textured, encompassing lore experience in this game. Any praise on BioWare’s ability to tell great stories would almost be superfluous – it’s so inevitable, it would be like congratulating the grass on being green every day.

    Therefore, I’ll focus on the part of the video that hit me hardest.

    It wasn’t the new armor sets (though my Sith Juggernaut – WITH voice distorting mask – looks to have some tasty equipment options).

    It wasn’t the fact that it seems the character models are getting better, little by little, as time goes on.

    For me, the part that hit me was the segue, at the 1:46 mark of the video above, between the music that I first heard during the Sith player ship reveal, to a piece of music I’ve never heard before in any of the released videos. Maybe it has been featured before, but if so, I missed it completely.

    That piece right there, is a wonderful example of why I think SWTOR’s musical side will be very good with Mark Griskey as the lead composer.

    Almost from the moment I heard that Mark Griskey would be the lead composer, and not Jeremy Soule, I wondered exactly how the game would shape up. I am a huge fan of Jeremy Soule’s work, and would have been ecstatic to hear he would be scoring this game since he scored the original KOTOR. That said, there were areas where Jeremy Soule’s style was superior to Griskey’s – the softer, atmospheric side of the score, like “Bastila’s Theme”, or the “Taris Upper City” music (which still gives me chills). Then, there were areas where Mark Griskey’s style was superior to Soule’s – the ancient, epic side of the score, like the themes for Darth Traya/Darth Nihilus/Darth Sion, and “Rebuilt Jedi Enclave” (which I still think deserves to be in the discussion of the greatest song to come out of either KoTOR game – just listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8b1J6Or-6Y)

    This trailer needed a piece that felt ancient, epic, mysterious, and maybe even a little sinister – which is where Mark Griskey’s style shines.

    While I would have loved to have heard Jeremy Soule’s score for this game (I have no doubt it would have been excellent), this video kind of reaffirmed for me that there will be moments where Mark Griskey’s signature style will fit like a glove.

    Excellent video. I can’t wait to see more.

    P.S. – HK-47! …There’s nothing more to say, except: HK-47.

    I’ll probably shed a few manly tears the first time he calls me a “meatbag”.

    • I admit, I was so fixated on the content of the trailer, I barely noticed the music. But going back afterward to hear it again, I know you’re what you’re talking about. It’s a nice piece of music, and I think it’s actually a little ironic that the theme suited the trailer so well, that the reason I missed it in the first place might be because it naturally felt like part of the scene. And they always time the music so well to coincide with the title screen when the flash the logo, don’t they? It’s like the perfect tune for letting your feelings consolidate as you process what you just saw.

      And very few video game characters have been so memorable as HK-47. i don’t know if I’d cry tears of joy upon seeing him again, since I get the feeling he barely tolerated my mushy meatbag ways on my playthrough, but it’ll be a treat nonetheless πŸ˜›

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