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Crafting IRL: Our Beloved Pets

September 5, 2010

Besides indulging myself in games and other things that my mother has always said will rot my brain, I also like turning to my one true passion — art.

Above all, I love working with my hands, getting down and dirty with my fingers stained with graphite, paint, or whatever medium I find myself working with. I’ve played with computers and graphic programs, but for me nothing beats the feeling of putting down actual lines and colors that I can feel onto the very texture of a surface. Guess I’ll always be a traditional at heart.

For the past few years, my focus has been on sci-fi/fantasy subjects and comic art, some of which has been posted here, but it wasn’t always so. From the time I was just a little girl, I’ve always had a love for animals, so even then I was commissioned by people to paint or draw the animals closest and most dear to them — their pets. Lately, I’ve gotten the itch again, and have been building up my store of art supplies. I want to share a few pieces I’ve done, and a couple past ones that I still love. Time to set aside the comic boards and the swords and spaceships, back to cute and fuzzy animals.

A pastel drawing of a client's Siberian Husky, mirthfully named Blizzard.

A client's cat painted on a rock, acrylics.

A quick sketch of a Beagle, pencils.

Another quick study in 6 shades while testing out some new soft color pencils. It's Strider!

Not cute, cuddly or even a pet, but the paleontologist I did this for certainly loved that specimen like it was one.

Hope you enjoyed this break from my usual gaming posts. Have a great rest of the Labor Day weekend!