Crafting IRL: Our Beloved Pets

September 5, 2010

Besides indulging myself in games and other things that my mother has always said will rot my brain, I also like turning to my one true passion — art.

Above all, I love working with my hands, getting down and dirty with my fingers stained with graphite, paint, or whatever medium I find myself working with. I’ve played with computers and graphic programs, but for me nothing beats the feeling of putting down actual lines and colors that I can feel onto the very texture of a surface. Guess I’ll always be a traditional at heart.

For the past few years, my focus has been on sci-fi/fantasy subjects and comic art, some of which has been posted here, but it wasn’t always so. From the time I was just a little girl, I’ve always had a love for animals, so even then I was commissioned by people to paint or draw the animals closest and most dear to them — their pets. Lately, I’ve gotten the itch again, and have been building up my store of art supplies. I want to share a few pieces I’ve done, and a couple past ones that I still love. Time to set aside the comic boards and the swords and spaceships, back to cute and fuzzy animals.

A pastel drawing of a client's Siberian Husky, mirthfully named Blizzard.

A client's cat painted on a rock, acrylics.

A quick sketch of a Beagle, pencils.

Another quick study in 6 shades while testing out some new soft color pencils. It's Strider!

Not cute, cuddly or even a pet, but the paleontologist I did this for certainly loved that specimen like it was one.

Hope you enjoyed this break from my usual gaming posts. Have a great rest of the Labor Day weekend!


  1. Beautiful. OMG the Strider pic is a quick study!?! It would take me hours to do anything close to that, and it would not look nearly as good.

  2. That is some excellent work. Thanks for showing us such a great cross-section of media.

  3. Lovely work! I really like the one of Strider a lot, adorable!

    I love to see others work, I enjoy drawing and art myself, thanks for sharing it’s always such a treat!

  4. strider looks pretty sad.

  5. Thank you for the kind comments! @Rowan – quick in that it was small and took me an hour and a bit, I guess, as opposed to a piece that could take me days!

    @Hunter – I know eh, most puppies I know have this expression that I called a “concerned” look, which can be pretty doleful looking sometimes.

  6. Very cool stuff, I’m completely jealous.

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