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STO: No One Left Out In The Cold

September 6, 2010

I really felt Cryptic had another winner on their hands this weekend when I did “Out in the Cold”, the new feature weekly Star Trek Online episode that debuted Saturday. As usual, I’ll direct your attention towards our Chief Editor Tipa’s Federation report for a more detailed account of the mission, but I also echo her thoughts that STO may finally be reaching its potential. Not to mention what a pleasant change it was to log in that afternoon to find fleet chat alive with animated conversation and excitement over the new episode, and to see some new faces (or names, rather?) and some returning ones as well.

From what I gather, the overall reception from the playerbase has been generally positive. I didn’t think anything could top the visual feast I received last week the moment I stepped foot on Defera for “Cold Call”, but I was wrong. But seriously, can anything truly prepare you for a comet tail in your face?

I wanna name her Dottie.

For a second there, scenes from Armageddon actually flashed before my eyes and I half expected Bruce Willis to come over the com to yell at me, “We’ve got a hole to dig up here!” but no. Instead, T’Androma and crew were thrown into a space battle amidst the gas and debris in the giant moving rock’s wake.

That’s beaucoup points for presentation.

Ka boom with a view!

Without giving too much away, I realized that while I was more compelled in “Cold Call” last week by its characters, story and its bit of mystery, I felt that this week’s episode’s forte is in its combat. Both in space and even when it’s on the ground, in underground tunnels that — *gasp* — actually look like underground tunnels, and not like some indoor motor speedway that can seat 200,000.

From the size of environments to the type of story people want, it’s as if the last six months of feedback has been heard and used to craft these weekly episodes. So far, Cryptic’s 2 for 2 in my mind, and if all goes well I’m not expecting the third installment arriving next week to disappoint me either. The real question is, can they keep it up?