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LOTRO: Forth We Go

September 8, 2010

I haven’t been following up with news about Lord of the Rings Online for a while so I’ve been pretty clueless, taking for granted that free-to-play was going to come one day and subsequently, swept all thoughts about the game onto the back burner. I didn’t realize that day was coming up so soon, this Friday the 10th to be exact, but even sooner for current subscribers and F2P beta players. It took me a second to even remember that I am on a multi-month plan, so even though I haven’t played for a couple weeks, I still currently have an active subscription.

I also realized I shouldn’t be surprised if the next time I log in to find my Hobbit homeless. I’ve been so neglectful of paying upkeep on my player house.

Anyway, I suppose I qualify for the headstart, which some part of my muddled brain just remembered last minute that it was today, hence the reason for dragging myself up at this late hour to start the launcher and get the update started (crappy internet being slow and all, even then it probably wouldn’t be done until early afternoon). I am suddenly contemplating my original idea of downgrading my account to premium immediately or soon after F2P. This probably isn’t the best thing to do at 2am in the morning, because trying to figure this out is hard enough as it is. I won’t have to worry about a thing if I maintain my VIP status which I actually would prefer if it’ll make my life easier as I continue to play. But since I have a) bought the main game and the expansions, b) have already bought my riding skill, and c) will be logging in mostly to play only my one character, will maintaining a sub will even be all that different from premium? I am thoroughly confused, and not just because I need the sleep.

I’m looking forward to rejoining the Landroval community; despite reservations in the past, I’m actually feeling quite optimistic now that F2P will bring good changes. Perhaps it’s also time to find a new kinship because I was only stagnating in my quiet old one, when a little inspiration and a fresh perspective is probably a little more apropos for entering a new era of LOTRO.