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Industrial, Resourceful, Beautiful Corellia

September 10, 2010

Corellia was the latest planet to be revealed in Star Wars: The Old Republic. For those still keeping track, that raises the planet count to 15. Well, as the Corellians say, “The bigger the galaxy, the sweeter the homecoming.”

A major political and economic center, this planet is also notable for being the birth place of Han Solo. As Star Wars planets go, Corellia might not be as well-known as Tattooine or Naboo, but it’s hardly obscure, so it’s not so surprising that it would be included in the SWTOR line-up.

First thing I thought when I saw the planet was: This is not your Star Wars Galaxies Corellia. Things aren’t sounding too hot for the Corellians in the Old Republic, however. The description seems to imply that this shining beacon of the Republic has suffered an attacked from within by “Imperial influence”, leaving parts of the capital in turmoil and destroyed. Gosh, I hope that won’t stop me from getting to ride the trams.

This planet update along with the last one featuring Nar Shaddaa have been my favorite ones so far. The look of Corellia may be more subdued than say, Coruscant, but something about the images I see makes me feel an old familiarity with it. The landscape is still alien, but not in a way that makes me feel like I’m far from home. I thought the place looked like it could almost be a future earth — Corellians being one of the first human societies to develop hyperdrive starships and explore space a significance not lost on me.

Though I would love to see more strange, exotic planets like Manaan or Kashyyyk for future updates, I’m quite happy with what we got to see of Corellia. I don’t know if it’s because I’m paying more attention as we inch our way towards release, but the environments seem to look better and better with each reveal.