Industrial, Resourceful, Beautiful Corellia

September 10, 2010

Corellia was the latest planet to be revealed in Star Wars: The Old Republic. For those still keeping track, that raises the planet count to 15. Well, as the Corellians say, “The bigger the galaxy, the sweeter the homecoming.”

A major political and economic center, this planet is also notable for being the birth place of Han Solo. As Star Wars planets go, Corellia might not be as well-known as Tattooine or Naboo, but it’s hardly obscure, so it’s not so surprising that it would be included in the SWTOR line-up.

First thing I thought when I saw the planet was: This is not your Star Wars Galaxies Corellia. Things aren’t sounding too hot for the Corellians in the Old Republic, however. The description seems to imply that this shining beacon of the Republic has suffered an attacked from within by “Imperial influence”, leaving parts of the capital in turmoil and destroyed. Gosh, I hope that won’t stop me from getting to ride the trams.

This planet update along with the last one featuring Nar Shaddaa have been my favorite ones so far. The look of Corellia may be more subdued than say, Coruscant, but something about the images I see makes me feel an old familiarity with it. The landscape is still alien, but not in a way that makes me feel like I’m far from home. I thought the place looked like it could almost be a future earth — Corellians being one of the first human societies to develop hyperdrive starships and explore space a significance not lost on me.

Though I would love to see more strange, exotic planets like Manaan or Kashyyyk for future updates, I’m quite happy with what we got to see of Corellia. I don’t know if it’s because I’m paying more attention as we inch our way towards release, but the environments seem to look better and better with each reveal.


  1. although we may see kashyyk, lucas has put a moratorium on wookie jedi, which probably extends to TOR. Their non humanoid size and inability to wear humaoid armour may rule them out as a playable class as well. Which all leads me to believe kashyyk is less likely. although not impossible.

    deja vu, have i yammered on about this before? oops.

    only 9 more to go and i get my ten credits back.

    • They can still have wookiees walking around as NPCs since the “no jedi wookiee” thing wouldn’t be an issue, as I doubt they’d ever be playable anyway — language barrier and all that, on top of their size and armor issues you mentioned etc. Er, this discussion is sounding very familiar to me now too, I think you’re right, we have indeed yammered about this before.

      I agree though, the chances of its inclusion at launch is probably low, but Lucas’s moratorium itself shouldn’t be an obstacle. A possibility for a future expansion then, perhaps.

      And though I have my doubts for more than 24 planets, I’m beginning to think there could be at least that many. As in, at launch, that’s probably where they will stop. But that’s still 9 more planets to go in about as many months, and the last planet reveal was at the end of July. Unless they speed up the reveals or launch is a little further away than we thought…hmm, it’s going to be tight.

  2. Somehow, the Star Wars geek deep in my heart wonders if I’ll run into any “Solos” on my travels through Corellia…?

    This update was awesome on so many levels.

    Not only do I love the fact that Corellia is now confirmed, I also enjoyed BotE #11. Exal may possibly be dead (R.I.P.), Maggot may be dead (R.I.P. again), and Teneb may be on his way toward becoming Darth Thanaton (if that comes to pass, I’m sure I will be only one of thousands who saw it coming). Great action, excellent dialogue, emotional moments, a sinfully awesome Sith smirk from Teneb when the lightsaber connected – you can’t ask for more from a webcomic. Good stuff.

    I don’t think I could possibly disagree about the planet reveals getting better with each release. I remember Nar Shaddaa being the 2nd planet reveal to really make my jaw drop (the first was Alderaan, because I love winter environments – and actually anything to do with winter, matter of fact). Corellia continued this trend.

    I am not a SWG alum, but I was still very pleased to see Corellia realized like this. I have hit up Google many times since I first learned of the game’s existence. I’d say a good 60% of those times included searching through pictures to get a reference on the planets that had already been confirmed, and those that were likely to be confirmed in the future. Corellia was one of those planets that I checked out. I remember, upon seeing it for the first time, thinking “Eh… s’ok.” I did later remind myself that those pics were from many years back, so not necessarily indicative of how they would appear in SWTOR (boy, was that an understatement). The only burning question I have now is whether or not I can jump off the tram and onto one of those support pillars. The MMO jumper in me wants to take one swan dive off the top of it, just to see whether or not I can survive. Judging by the height shown in the video, I kinda doubt it.

    Now all I need to see is Geonosis revealed and I will fall forward with my face pressed against the screen and hug the monitor. I’ll just have to hope that nobody sees me when that happens, so I don’t get the “dude, you’re ****ing weird” looks.

    If Geo & playable Nautolans are both confirmed, I may have to take some time to compose myself. That would be just about everything on my pre-release wish list come true.

    • Your swan dive comment made me think. One thing I noticed about the SWTOR planets especially with the last couple of reveals is how vertically they’re built up. You gotta wonder if they put all that effort into it just for show, or if they intend for players to be able to not travel up and down somehow.

      Since I know you appreciate the music of SWTOR, I wonder if you took notice of the music in the video like I did. It was so short, but the beginning was so powerful and distinctive.

      Anyway, you reminded me that I’m behind on the comics, probably by a couple installments. Sounds like things are really picking up though, so I should better catch up.

      • I definitely noticed the music at the beginning of the video. I remember thinking “I love how the percussion is used here.” It is sparse (the percussion), but it still adds something to the song. It probably sounds strange, but I love when two or three percussion beats pop up out of nowhere, almost like they are making sure you’re still paying attention. I can only imagine what the entire piece sounds like in its complete form. It’s also awesome to hear horns so prominent. So many people do violin-focused music these days — don’t get me wrong, I love strings, too — the horn section must feel like they are underappreciated. For the first half of this video, the horn section and the percussion were front and center. Kind of reminded me of Ennio Morricone, or the beginning of Ferrante & Teicher’s “Exodus”.

        BioWare NEEDS to include a soundtrack with the Collector’s Edition for SWTOR. I’ve heard so many pieces, small snippets, but memorable, that I want to be able to put them on my ipod to listen to while I write, workout, etc.

        If I recall correctly, a few players who demoed the game at Gamescom & PAX Prime mentioned the fact that the world was more vertical than most other MMOs. For instance, the mammoth pyramid in Korriban is supposed to be explorable all the way to its top floor – so it definitely appears BioWare is considering height when they create the world. Not just for decoration, but to give players places they can actually access.

        As for BotE, it looks to be winding down. It has been an excellent story, I must say. ToP was a good introduction, but BotE was much better. Of course, I am a bit biased (I am a hard Imperial player: Sith Juggernaut). Still, I connected more with Teneb Kel, Maggot, & Exal Kressh. So much so, I actually had an “ah man, not Maggot.” moment toward the end of this most recent issue. You definitely should check it out when you have the chance. Meantime, I’ll be crossing my fingers for an 11th hour save for Maggot (he was an awesome character… setting aside the fact that he nearly let Teneb die because he had a good hand in a game of Pazaak).

      • Yeah, I was affected by the horns too, I don’t think I’ve heard them so prominently from anything I’ve heard from SWTOR so far. And I’m sure they’ll be including a soundtrack with the collector’s edition. In the off chance they don’t, it’ll most likely be available sold separately…there’s likely to be a ton of music on it after all, and there’s definitely a market for Star Wars games music.

        By the way, I love “Exodus”, I used to know how to play that on the piano.

        I liked ToP too, but the delivery of it was too rushed I think. By the time they were wrapping it up, I had been saving installments to read together, because reading like 3 pages at a time as they came out just didn’t cut it for me. Even then, there were many times where I was completely confused because the story jumped around way too much. BotE is a lot better put together, I like it a lot more.

  3. That’s a cool looking video. You are right, though, that they need to step away from the “core worlds”. Big cities offer a certain kind of adventure, but Star Wars needs to have it all.

    • Core worlds and “civilized” planets probably offer more story opportunities and give the devs more to work with. Corellia seems to be in the middle of some sort of disaster though, so hopefully the dynamics there will be different.

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