STO: Too Cold For Comfort

September 13, 2010

Three weekends gone by, three Star Trek Online weekly episodes under my belt. I logged in on Saturday 10 minutes before 2pm EST to anticipate the latest mission “Cold Comfort” only to find it had gone live earlier than I had expected. Several of my fleet members were online already, and I quickly jumped into a group with Tipa, all fired up and ready to go kick some Breen ass.

My excitement quickly fizzled as soon as I found out it was going to be a diplomatic mission. I should have expected as much as soon as Ambassador Jiro appeared on my screen, and heaven knows that idiot never shows up with opportunities when I want him to, but he contacts me now with a lecture about our tentative relations with the Deferi and a warning. In a nutshell, “No fighty, just talky.”

U.S.S. Taiga to the rescue.

Fair enough. Even the best Star Trek series story arcs are punctuated every so often by episodes where the characters just sit around and talk, so I certainly don’t mind a week where we get to slow down and do a mission that requires more reading and dialogue than combat — if it’ll drive the story forward.

As it turned out, “Cold Comfort” had a pretty good story behind it. Still, I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed this episode nearly as much as I did the previous two.

Please state the nature of the medical emergency!

As you recall, the Season Two update brought in the Federation Diplomatic Corps and a new system to gain diplomatic experience. I had a lot of fun with the handful of diplomatic missions that also came along, mainly because doing them actually required some effort to read, to think, to explore, etc. Rushing through those missions by simply clicking random options that you think sound good would get you nowhere. I had expected much the same from “Cold Comfort” but things turned out being pretty straightforward. Easy, even.

One of your bridge officers will pop up at some point to remind you to be tactful when interrogating the Breen prisoner, but the right dialogue options are very obvious. Unless you seriously missed the point or are so socially impaired that you can’t see why calling someone a “dishonorable failure” will piss them off, you really can’t screw this up.

Like I was saying, I enjoy diplomatic missions and think they’re a nice break from the combat. I don’t mind seeing more of them, but at the very least I wish they could be a little more challenging. It pains me a little to admit this since I’ve been loving these weeklies so far, but “Cold Comfort”, while being a well put together episode, feels too bland. Even a medical mini-game at the beginning where you had to treat Deferi patients would have been a nice touch, if nothing else, just to enliven the experience.

Off to polish the heavy cannons now, here’s hoping they’ll get to see some action next week.


  1. That was all kinds of awesome. Hopefully you’ll get to shoot dudes in the face next episode.

    • I hope so! I still have yet to experience a weekly in a group with my fleeties, and I want to do some space combat with them. The story seems to be ramping up too, so I expect some action.

  2. I liked the treating-the-patients portion of the episode, if only because Rowan is a medico. Some of the lines came across as pretty amusing though, given her backstory.

    I also like the diplo XP, because it has been a pain to get it in the exploration missions.

    • Given T’Andy’s backstory, I thought the medical portion was sort of funny since she’s like the least qualified person to give health advice or treatment. 😛

      I think we only got 10 diplo XP though, right? At least that’s how much I got when I spoke with Jiro to tell him I was successful, I might have gotten some right as soon as I completed the mission, I didn’t notice.

  3. damnit >.< looks like I'm socially impaired. I had to restart the mission cause I choose a wrong option at some point. I might also have been barely reading… *whistles innocently*

    My opinion pretty much the same. Nice but not exactly what I wanted.

    • I almost failed myself, only because I was so tempted to inject one of the patients with stuff that she was allergic to. Eek, what does that say about me socially? 😛

  4. That still sounds like a lot of fun to me. I wish content got added weekly to anything I play.

    • It does make a difference, even though it’s just a short-ish episode every week. I find myself looking forward to what we’ll get next, and it keeps me playing quite regularly.

  5. It is nice that they add in weekly content that is fresh and new. Better than doing the same weekly/daily quests in WoW!

    While I’m not crazy about the game I think this weekly content stuff is awesome.

    • I think more games should look into doing this. If it wasn’t for them I might have unsubbed again, tbh. But I’ll keep playing and paying as long as you give me content.

  6. Sounds enjoyable. I usually read stuff and enjoy doing it so I imagine would do well on the diplomatic missions vs just trying to hurry up and finish. Sounds the weekly episodes have been a really good edition by cryptic overall especially for fresh content addition.

    As for the real series of ST some episodes where there is clearly a diplomatic theme does at times have moments where you do have some combat if even a little to defend yourself against a hostile or to expose the perpetrator. At other time to try and conceal an act.

    • Several people were talking about how it’s nice to be able to do more reading for a change. And while I can’t say it’s my favorite thing to do in a game, I appreciate that we’re given a variety of missions. And I have to admit that I like it when it’s part of a big story arc.

  7. I can’t say this was my favorite episode of the three, but I did enjoy it quite a bit. I like the ones where you have to read though. My only disappointment was that it was a solo mission, it would be interesting to see some attempts are a group diplomatic mission (although I have no idea how that would work). The only thing missing from episode three of the Breen arc was a mini-game of some type for the surgery part.

    Maybe my captain being a science officer made the mission more believable in my head, being a tactical would feel a little weird.

    • My biggest disappointment was the fact it was a solo mission too. A group diplo mission is an interesting idea…though it would be hard to implement in case someone in your group decides not to be diplomatic and chooses to anger the aliens instead 😛

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