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My Gears For Gnomeregan

September 14, 2010

Recently, my time on World of Warcraft has been focused exclusively on my Tauren warrior, still working my way to the big 80, but I thought I should mention that this weekend I found some time to log in to my Alliance character to check out the retaking of Gnomeregan event. After years of WoW and having to sit there watching the poor gnomes bitch and moan about the loss of their home city, when Operation: Gnomeregan went live I knew at some point I just had to see this for myself.

It’s been a long time coming. You see, “Gnomeregan” itself is a word that used to bring shivers down my spine before I flee the room like a screaming banshee to huddle in a fetal position in a closet crying myself to sleep. I think I’ve done that instance all but a single time and never returned to its hellish depths again.

And the High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque? Well, besides the fact I think he has an awesome name, I never really gave him much thought. Certainly I never pictured him as a real leader. King of the gnomes he may be, but compared to the other big hitters of WoW like Varian Wrynn or Thrall, Mekkatorque to me is like Diet Coke — not really the real thing. Until now, I never gave his character or his city the respect they deserve.

Now there’s a reason to care about Gnomeregan and Mekkatorque again. And except for the part where it bugged out on our group, I enjoyed the entire event immensely. From the moment I was tasked to brainwa–er, I mean, motivate the gnome citizens, I knew I was in for a good time (you can always count on the gnomes and their sense of humor to bring the fun).

The best part was, of course, being able to ride in the final assault with the High Tinker himself. Following him into battle was an experience to remember. Is it weird that I got more insight into his character in this short span of 20 minutes than I’d ever gotten in the last four years? Great music too, and for some strange reason sounded reminiscent of the Magnficent Seven theme, at least to me. Maybe I was just feeling like a bronco raring to go.

Afterward, I logged in to my Tauren to check out the Echo Isles event. Being only a recent convert of the Horde, I was much less invested in its lore, so I wasn’t all that surprised when the initial quest lines didn’t interest me as much, even though you get to do some pretty fun things. In the end, I wasn’t able to take part in the liberation of the Echo Isles either, still being a few levels short of the prerequisite 75 — not for long, I hope.