The Smuggler Is A Classy Guy

September 16, 2010

Someone on the Star Wars: The Old Republic forums early this morning found this little gem from Machinima Realm:

Who wants to be a scruffy-looking Nerf herder?

It occurred to me that this could actually be tomorrow’s update. Well, if it is, I’m sure I’ll find more things in this video to amuse myself. Some thoughts for now:

  • Great script and voice acting, simply dripping with the cockiness and arrogance worthy of a smuggler
  • I’m liking the look of the seedy bars…in which the smuggler seems to spend a lot of time
  • Caught a glimpse of several nice looking abilities, from the dual-blaster gunslinging to lobbing some sort of explosive device to even stealthing!
  • Dost my eyes deceive me? ‘Tis a WOOKIEE at 1:01 shot putting some poor guy into oblivion
  • The smuggler running at the end there and stopping short with his blaster raised? That’s so Han Solo.
  • On what I think of the Smuggler — four words: My. First. Republic. Alt.


  1. I will make a scruffy looking nerf herder now just to sit and gaze at it. Wow, what a hot looking toon. The outfit, the swagger, the attitude and the amazing voice. “blushes”

    Being serious now – the smuggler wasn’t even on my radar to play until that video. I’m so excited now because this game with all the awesome classes to play should keep me occupied for 2 years. There are 4 classes I have to try right away, and all the rest I still want to try eventually.

    • I know, eh? It’s all about the attitude…I think he could have looked like a gap-toothed bum and I still would have been like, HOT!

      They never released very much about the Smuggler…so I’m glad that what we finally get is awesome! šŸ™‚

      • “Eh”!?! Shouldn’t that be “Yo” or something, since you’re in Jersey now?

  2. If I play SWTOR (I’m still debating), I would be rolling a smuggler. That just looks way too fun.

    • I know I’ll probably play all the classes at some point…but like I said, for the republic, I definitely want to tackle the Smuggler first. Oddly, I feel no real urge to play the force user classes, and while the Trooper looks good too, it doesn’t look as fun as being a scruffy looking nerf herder.

  3. I’ll probably hold off posting about it until tomorrow to see what else they release, but yeah. that is exactly why i want to play a smuggler gunslinger.

    and you want to play sith. psh.

    • I’ll play both, but going the Sith route first. Bounty Hunter just looks too enticing.

  4. I think the big take away is – best gun-twirling unholster ever.

    But seriously, I want to either be a bounty hunter or a smuggler. A Jedi Consular would be cool, too, if only because they’re seemingly literal adventurer historians.

    • Yeah, twirl those guns, baby.

      I so thought you would have been all over the Jedi Consular…but can’t blame you, BH and Smuggler are the coolest classes by far šŸ˜‰

  5. They do make it look cool. I may swing this first, if I don’t do the bounty hunter.

    • Interesting how most of the people who have commented so far are gravitating towards either those two classes, lol

  6. Great find. That video makes is seem as if Bioware really gets what star wars geeks will want out of that class.

    • They seem good at capturing what makes a class iconic, and for this smuggler video, even exaggerates it somewhat.

  7. Did I hear a Spanish flamenco guitar tucked in there with the electric riffs? Damn.

    This Smuggler looks like El Mariachi, Jack Burton, & Han Solo all rolled up in a cocky burrito. I don’t know what to say except “bravo.” Whoever is designing this class really understands what a Smuggler should be like in the Star Wars universe.

    Look at Han in Episode IV. Cocky. Snarky. Slick. But still charming enough to not come across as too much of an arrogant prick (I promise I didn’t mean for that to rhyme). There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Color me impressed: the Smuggler in this video dances back and forth across that line like he’s jumping rope.

    The more videos I see of the classes, the more it becomes readily apparent that BioWare was telling the truth when they said that each of the class stories are on their own narrative path. A Smuggler story is a Smuggler story, not just an off-shoot of another class. Just watching the difference between the general attitude of the Smuggler from this video as compared to the Jedi Knight from their class video, you can see the difference in methodology, temperament, atmosphere. Hell, even the Imperial Agent — considered the direct opposite of the Smuggler — approaches the story from a much different angle, and they are supposedly cut from the same cloth. It is just phenomenal, to me anyway, that you can already see the attitudes of these classes taking shape, and also how they separate themselves from the attitudes of the other classes ingame.

    Spring ’11 can’t get here soon enough.

    • Haha, I thought it sounded like Spanish guitar to me, but I didn’t want to say it because I’m such a noob about world music and didn’t want to be wrong and make a fool of myself. But glad you caught that too!

      And good point about the classes having their own narrative path. To showcase all that attitude and swagger you have to have certain missions and story lines specifically crafted for that. No way those would transfer well to the other classes.

      • It kind of tripped me up, at first (the guitar). After watching that video for, I don’t know, the twelfth time, I’m going to say my first guess was wrong. It’s probably an Oud (an Arabic lute), since the song has more of a Middle Eastern feel. All that may sound horribly pretentious, but sue me — I am a music nerd from way back.lol

        I agree that quest lines should project a different attitude based on the attitudes of the different classes. Every Star Wars archetype brought their own unique flavor to the film universe; their TOR counterparts should provide the same for people who play the game. If I play a Smuggler, I don’t want to feel like I’m suddenly playing Anakin Skywalker’s story — I want Han Solo: brash, crass, confident, vocal.

        Variety, and different approaches to every single element of the TOR universe, are part of what will make it worthwhile to reroll a different toon. I know I’m planning on rolling more alts than I ever have for any other MMO I ever played. Mostly because I want to see the different narrative paths for myself.

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