My Stab At Guild Wars Fan Art: A Sylvari

September 19, 2010

A couple weeks ago, I received an email from an acquaintance asking if I could do a drawing for him of a female sylvari, as in the botanical humanoids encountered in Guild Wars Eye of the North and Guild Wars 2.

Problem was, I know little about the Sylvari beyond a couple pieces of concept art I’ve stumbled across and from what I’ve read in the novel Ghosts of Ascalon which features a sylvari necromancer named Killeen. However, the guy told me not to worry; he wasn’t looking for anything extravagant or overly detailed. In his words, just a nice sketch of something “simple and elegant” will suffice.

Anyway, I was munching on some seedless grapes the other day, and was suddenly inspired by a fleeting image in my head of a girl with hair adorned with grapevines and leaves. I grabbed a 0.5 black pigment pen and an art marker, and quickly sketched my idea of a sylvari. In a few hours, this was the result.

The size of the paper was too big for the scanner so I had take a photo of it instead, on an overcast afternoon when the light had already shifted, hence I apologize for the poor quality of the image.


  1. I would kiss this head of lettuce! And bite her nose. Very well done.

    • The head of lettuce you showed me looked much yummier 😛 And thanks!

  2. Absolutely Beautiful.

  3. I might end up reposting your image, with your permission, when I find time to post up some other fan art

    • Sure thing, you are definitely welcome to repost it.

  4. Lovely! I really like those leaves a great idea.

    • Thank you! Though I’d imagine she would have a hell of a time trying to brush her hair…lol

  5. That is seriously cool. I like that you wove the Sylvari’s plant-like features in naturally without letting that overpower the image.

    • I didn’t want to overdo the leaves either, I wanted more of the tendril-y effect. Thank you!

  6. I wish I had your talent. Beautiful

    • Glad you liked it, thanks so much for your kind comments 🙂

  7. I am floored. Seriously. I just can’t get how you people with talent for drawing do it. My best attempts still look like stick figures!

    Really beautiful drawing

  8. That is wonderful, truly lovely. I hope the ones in game can live up to that?

    Do you have a deviantart page by any chance so I can bookmark it? 🙂

    • I do have an old deviantart page, but I’m planning on starting a new account with some updated stuff. Will let you know when I do! And thanks 🙂

  9. great drawing. i immediately thought of poison ivy with elf ears.

    • Haha you always have comics on the brain.

  10. Poor quality, I would sleep with BigFoot to beable to draw that awesome. Super awesome drawing!!!!

    • Haha, poor quality of the actual image, I mean…it’s too dark and I couldn’t make it brighter without completely washing it out. I’m going to have to take a better picture one of these days or take it to a print shop to get it scanned by a professional with the right equipment.

      • It still look super duper awesome. Like superstar awesome

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