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Minecraft: 12 Things To See Before You Die In Bluekaedia (If Dying Were Possible)

October 20, 2010

Upon my return from vacation, I learned that a week in Minecraft can mean a world of change. A flurry of construction projects both big and small have sprung up on Blue Kae’s server since the last time I peeked my head in, most of which have completely altered the face of the map. Resolving to familiarize myself with the place once more, last night I took a torch in hand and decided to tour the land. What I ended up with is a collection of interesting sights to see in beautiful Bluekaedia, some of which I’d like to showcase here. Narrowing it down to just 12 was a challenge, as it’s possible in some areas to find a dozen points of interest my peers and I have created simply by standing still. So much to see, so little time. And if you’re on the server and haven’t checked these out already, you really should!

By the way, Bluekaedia isn’t the server’s real name, simply a personal nickname I’ve been using for a while now. As far as I know, the world has yet to have an official name, but frankly, I’m tired of typing out “Blue Kae’s Minecraft Server” every time and I think Bluekaedia sounds pretty.

Nature can thrive in the strangest of places

From the torchlit giant of a tree, growing in a gloomy basement...

To the floating woods out past the bay...

Not your typical hedge maze…

Cactus maze on Cutthroat Island, try not to prick yourself on the way out.

Portals into the past 

Giza meets Peggy's Cove.

A mysterious great wall.

Floating castles of the rich and famous

Who is this "Scary" and where can I get his autograph?

Scale new heights…

Walk the Skywalk.

Hit new lows…

The aptly named "Trail of Tears" leads to this mineshaft. No, seriously, where's the way out of this hellhole?

Triumphs of Vision


Earth, wind and fire (really obsidian, water and gold).

The skull mountain lords are most displeased with your insolence.

The explorers stumbled upon this glass house beneath the ocean waves.

In the presence of monsters

Kick back and relax in one of Bluekaedia's many delightful zombie pits!