STO: Spin The Wheel, The Ghosts Are Real

October 25, 2010

"77th Rule of Acquisition is 'You break it, you buy it', I gotcha. Say, just out of curiosity, how much would you charge for something like your spine?"

I learned something new from the latest Star Trek Online feature episode this weekend — threatening to snap a Ferengi’s spine in his own bar will get you thrown out faster than a useless bridge officer through my airlock. All evidence pointed to “Spin the Wheel” being a diplomatic mission, but I was still in dick-mode from playing Fallout: New Vegas and I also figured who was going to care if I roughed up one stupid little Ferengi?

Take two. After failing the mission and being thoroughly chastised by Section 31 operative Franklin Drake for being a churlish Vulcan, I restarted the episode resolving to be more personable and found I didn’t actually have to remain diplomatic for very long — the rest of the mission had more to do with problem solving and mini-games. It was up to me to investigate one of Drake’s undercover agents, Ze’Mara, who had activated an emergency beacon while on Drozana station. To do that involved playing nice and fixing that pesky Ferengi’s replicators, which had started acting up around the same time the lights in the place started flickering blue.

The ghosts walk among us.

At long last, I finally got to see Ze’Mara. Poor girl. She thinks she sees dead people. Of course, these “blue ghosts” are in fact Devidians, the current story arc’s featured enemies. But somehow, I doubt she’d find much comfort in the truth.

For more on “Spin the Wheel”, check out Tipa’s cool write-up here.

A small complaint about this weekly: while the crowded atmosphere created by the shared instance worked well for the areas around the bar and the Dabo tables, it completely ruined the effect while trying to do the puzzle down in the cargo bay. The puzzle itself was straightforward since the answers are practically right there in front of you as long as you read all the engineering reports, but I still could have done without a whole room of players talking about it and blabbing out the correct sequence in general chat. Not to mention how two dozen people running around that tiny area can be distracting and breaks immersion. What could have been a really tense situation instead turned into a rather ridiculous one.

Dammit, Jim, I'm a warrior, not an engineer.

I can’t say I enjoyed “Spin the Wheel” as much as I’d hoped, but Cryptic did well for a non-combat episode that was more or less required to be there to set up the rest of the story, and I liked the cliffhanger at the end. Apparently, while Franklin Drake takes exception to the idea of T’Andy breaking people’s backs, he sees no problems with doling out threats of his own.

Oh well, at the end of the day, I’m happy as long as I get a big gun. Look out, Devidians, next week T’Andy’s going ghost-bustin’!

The Synchronic Proton Distortion Prototype Rifle. Can you say that five times fast?


  1. That is a mighty gun!

    • I can’t wait to try it out 😉

  2. I love the Devidian lighting effect, wish I could set that on my ship. It would make everyone appear like Kaes! Well except for the spots. Hmmm.

    • If you did that, I’d call your place the “haunted bridge”. The blue flashes give me the creeps!

  3. any time you get a puzzle in an online game it gets ruined somehow. people just can’t help but blab or brag or rush through it and its pointless. puzzles need to be for one single mind or whats the point?

    • This was definitely a situation where instancing would have benefited. I mean, trying to solve a problem while there are a dozen others also running around trying to do the same? Normally, playing these missions make me feel like I’m actually in a Star Trek episode, but not this week.

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