I’ve Got Faaaiiiith, Faith Of The Heeaaaaarrrrt

November 17, 2010

Okay, first of all, I quite liked Enterprise and I don’t understand why it gets all this hate. As a series, I thought it was very entertaining.

Second of all, I have a rabid addiction to costumes in Star Trek Online, so when Cryptic rolled out their new Enterprise-themed items in the C-store, decking my away team out in the Earth space exploration program uniforms was a no-brainer. T’Andy, being the captain and therefore special, also gets the honor of being stuck in a T’Pol jumpsuit (“logical and fashionable”?!)

Let this be my tribute to Enterprise, may it get the love it deserves. I did pass on the NX-01 ship replica, however. Think I’ll stick with my Maelstrom class fleet escort, thanks.

Dammit, now I have “Where My Heart Will Take Me” stuck in my head.


  1. reason number one, your title. ugh.

    but they billed enterprise as a different take on star trek, and it ended up being the same old schlock, and there was even less science fiction, and more action.

    oh and the acting.

    • The folksy theme song was a little hokey but it grew on me.

      And I enjoyed the fact that it had more action, some of the early TNG episodes bored me to tears, so watching Enterprise was a nice change of pace.

      Though I have to agree with you somewhat on the acting. I couldn’t stand Archer (Scott Bakula tends to overdramatize, imo) T’Pol (she was wooden even for a Vulcan) or Trip, but everyone else I thought was great — Hoshi, Reed, Phlox etc.

  2. I think the only reason I didn’t get into Enterprise was that I was burned out on years of Star Trek. I actually think taking the franchise off the air is the best thing for it.

    Loved the new movie, though. Loved it.

    • Ah, I got into Star Trek much later, I was still too young when the shows were in their heyday. That’s probably why I would love it if a Star Trek series came back. I loved the movie too.

  3. I think we’ve had this conversation before, but I enjoyed Enterprise too. Well, I hated the theme song, but the show was great. Loved Phlox and Archer, Hoshi was a bit grating though.

    The only reason I like the Akira-class is because it’s so similar to the NX-01. I’ll be getting the Enterprise pack tonight and decking out the crew in style.

    How’d you get a screenshot of the crew? Anytime I set their position they get those blasted numbers over their heads.

    • I’m going to be keeping this costume set up for a while, methinks. I told Longasc that these costumes to me are like the TNG costumes for him, they’re staying on for the long haul 😀

      Regarding the screenshot, I had those pesky numbers over their heads too. What I did arrange my officers in a way so when I zoom in close enough, the numbers fade out and disappear. I was planning to take a tight shot anyway, so it worked out nicely.

  4. Cool costumes. I love appearance items too, I have too many in EQ2!

    • Now I have to work out a rotation or a system so I can actually get some use out of my ever growing in-game wardrobe!

  5. Only problem with Enterprise was that they had this wonderful story to tell and they went with the insipid “time travelers are trying to destroy our timeline” schlock. The formation of the Federation would have been awesome enough.

    • One of my favorite things about Enterprise was the way they showed the “before” and “after” aspect of Star Trek, like for example, the way the technology evolved. Hence formation of the Federation would have been great; it would be better if they had gone there instead of taking the series off on that arc with the Xindi. That story did start to wear on me towards the end of that season.

  6. Great shot. I do the same, within a certain distance, the numbers disappear. I wish they could be turned off though, like the shield rings on the ships. (I had a hard time remembering where that control was last night, too. Darn patches!)

    I was thinking about getting the costumes, but the ship is too low to be worth it for me. I have my Nebula refit so I’m good for now.

    For various reasons, mostly time commitments, I never really got into Enterprise. I did enjoy the show, though I agree that the “twist on Star Trek” never really materialized. And how do they do a show about 100 years in the future when we have interface technology that resembles what they were showing as being 300 year in the future. They had a hard time shoehorning the series in.

    • Be sure to put that in as a suggestion to Cryptic! I did!

      And I did some reading around, seems like the biggest beef most Star Trek fans have with the series is how it pissed on Trek canon. Definitely brings to mind your comment about “shoehorning” the series into the franchise history, as well as the timeline. Enterprise was a show that had to struggle to fit in; they had a lot of issues to overcome.

  7. I quite liked Enterprise too. Except for the theme music 🙂 Seriously, it was just plain terrible 🙂 Especially when they added the “rock beat” to it in season 3 or whenever. What’s wrong with good ol’ fashioned orchestral music like every other Trek series had?!

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