My Pre-Cataclysm To-Do List #1: Hero Of The Zandalar Tribe

November 18, 2010

All dressed up with nowhere to go.

With World of Warcraft: Cataclysm less than three weeks away, a part of me is itching to get my main back into the game, which explains why I fixed up her talents post-4.0.1 and even took the time to do a re-gem or two. But I’m afraid the motivation just isn’t there. My guildmates keep trying to make me run heroics with them, but quite honestly, the idea of plodding through the same damn dungeons over and over again has lost its appeal a long time ago. I see zero point in putting myself through the instance grind now, especially with the expansion threatening to make all the current loot trivial by the end of the year.

Loathe to let my poor druid gather dust again, however, I resolved to find myself a nice time sink to keep her active. Lucky for me, WoW is full of those, least of all the hundreds of ideas floating around concerning what to do before Cataclysm. Not surprisingly, anything to do with Zul’Gurub ranks pretty high in almost all of these lists, seeing how Blizzard has confirmed that raid instance will go bye-bye with the new expansion.

I decided to take a page from Bullet Points and determined what I needed to do before the cataclysm. As it happened, Hero of the Zandalar Tribe was one of the rep achievements that had eluded me all this time. I recently made it my pet project, and my husband also came along for the ride (if I jumped off a bridge, he would totally do it too). It turned out to be a pretty painless grind. By leaving Hakkar alive, all the trash in the entire instance would respawn so we were able to farm it every night. We breezed through the place, with him mage-tanking and me going resto, healing my ass off. The Restoration tree has gone through some major changes; I was happy to get some practice in before I got too rusty with my off-spec.

Success! Even with two people sharing the Bijou and Coin drops we managed to get to exalted in a little less than a week. I was also able to strike Deadliest Catch off my list, but we unfortunately had no luck with either the Tiger or Raptor mounts. Not even a stinking pet drop


  1. I’m planning to start playing WoW when Cataclysm launches. But I’m going to start over from scratch as a goblin mage.

    My main is an undead warlock, but when I tried WotLK it didn’t hold my interest long enough to get him to the new cap. Mainly, it was too easy. I liked the interesting new quest mechanics on some quests, but knowing that I could butcher anyone and any ten of their buddies that chose to oppose me without breaking a sweat sort of killed the sense of challenge.

    What’s odd is that my guy didn’t really have particularly good gear. Very little of it came from BC raids. Some was even crafted.

    I need to have a tense fight once in a while to stay engaged with a game, and the solo WotLK content wasn’t coming any where close to that. One of the things that Cataclysm promises is to rebalanced combat. I’m hoping it will hit the same balance that launch WoW did. I enjoyed that game a lot.

    • There really isn’t much challenge to leveling, I would agree, short of a group quest here and there. I like that I can take it easy and enjoy the storylines though, so I don’t mind the easiness so much.

      I’ve been thinking about maybe starting a new character from scratch as well, making it my new main. It’s a tough decision since I’ve invested a lot in my druid over the years, with achievements, mounts, pets, etc. However, I don’t want that to be the only reason to stick with her. I have to ponder it some more.

  2. Your not the only one who wants to dig their main back out pre-cataclysm.

    It’s tough though as I have my eye on a worgen and know if I have the time anymore to work on two characters at the same time.

    Well not if I want to keep up with my other gaming requirements:)

    • I honestly don’t know how some people manage to play an army of alts and keep them all maintained. I barely manage with my main and one alt. It’s imperative I stick with one character, it’s all I can do. I have many other alts that I level with my husband but after level cap they usually lay dormant and become farmers or banks.

  3. I’m getting many things done before Cata. I’m working on a couple of professions and some achievements, things like that. I’m not sure which character will be my main, I’d like to go Hunter but the Druid is always needed more.

    • Yeah, everyone seems to be working on achievement projects now during the pre-Cataclysm lull. For example, I learned my brother-law-has been doing some crazy rep farming in the last week. I didn’t think he was into that stuff, but I guess now is the time you catch up with all that when before you would put it on the backburner in favor of raiding.

  4. Congrats on making the rep grind. I tried a couple times to pull the Polymorph: Turtle book, but I ran out of resolve before long.

    Amazingly enough, my brother logged in for the first time in months the other day and finally sailed for Northrend. He stopped playing during TBC and never played the new expansion. Thank goodness I had an appropriate level alt to hang out with him.

    • We tried for the turtle polymorph book too, my husband being a mage and all, but nada for us as well.

      That’s great about your brother. I’m hoping my brother will come back to WoW as well. We used to have dinner and hang out almost every weekend when I lived in Toronto, now that I’ve moved away we hardly get to interact anymore. I’m hoping we can do some in game.

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