My Pre-Cataclysm To-Do List #2: The Great Inventory Dump Of 2010

November 22, 2010

I confess — I am a hoarder, in every MMO I play and especially in World of Warcraft. I’m certainly not the worst kind there is, but I’m still bad enough that I’ll find myself constantly running out of space in my bags due to my need to keep jamming them up seemingly useless crap. This includes seasonal mementos, unique items, RP clothing, special quest rewards, fluff pieces and pretty much anything that feels “collectible” or like it has any value at all (very subjective!)

I’m also a very sentimental person. That I’ve kept everything which has ever elicited an emotional response is probably a safe assumption…and it really doesn’t take much. Hell, if something even looks pretty, it’s a keeper. Hence my Cenarion Helm. Hence the piles of Voodoo Skulls, Happy Fun Rocks, Steamy Romance Novels, and Farmer’s Brooms. Hence my collection of druid idols. Hence those five random pieces of purples from the early days because I can’t for the life of me remember which one out of those was my first epic, so to be safe I just kept them all.

Don’t even get me started on crafting materials and consumables. I might not be big on crafting, but I’m stingy. Why pay someone else to cut a gem when I can do it my own damn self with just a little more effort? So any alt I have gets busted down to crafter or farmer status and becomes a glorified banker mule. At some point, I must have made sure to keep them all well-stocked so I would never lack for mats again, because I discovered the other day that their inventories are just as crammed and only slightly more organized.

Well, enough is enough. Most of these characters I haven’t touched for nearly a year, so now I don’t even know what half this stuff is anymore. More importantly, Cataclysm is coming. Remember how Burning Crusade materials became as useful as nipples on a breastplate after Wrath of the Lich King? It’s now or never to liquidate all of it on the auction house. Ore, gems, cloth, herbs, everything must go while people will still buy ’em!

And to hell with sentimentalism. I’ll still hold on to some seasonal items and a few pieces from one-time-only events, but I’ve come to accept that I can’t afford to keep every single thing that has made me nostalgic. Time to let go. Time to start afresh. Time to have some *gasp!* space in my inventory again.

It’s quite liberating, really. And being 6,000 gold richer in just a little more than a day is the cherry on top.


  1. That Batman and Robin zinger came out of nowhere.

  2. This has been THE most frustrating expansion EVAR!!

    • I didn’t know what you meant until I read your tweet earlier today. I get frustrated when it seems every time I go to SW, the place is being invaded. It’s like, I need to use the Auction House, dammit!

  3. I’m bad too about hanging onto stuff. I still have my S1 pvp set, items from old dungeons, seasonal junk, Legacy is sitting in the bank with some other items I was so happy to get so long ago. Some of it I just can’t let go of, too many memories associated with those things.

    • Yeah, imagine running raids for months waiting for that special item to drop and then it finally does…it’s an amazing feeling, no way I could destroy/delete something like that. I remember Legacy and how all the hunters were praying for it! It’s a very cool looking weapon too, if it were me I’d probably keep it just for that. I’ll be holding on forever to my Journey’s End just for the looks after all.

  4. I horde quite a bit too but generally haven’t had a problem with space. At least not in WoW. I decided early on that mats weren’t worth holding onto. Gold being much more liquid means selling mats now and having the gold means I can purchase the mats back later (more often at a lower price) if I need them.

    Of course long ago I also got out of the crafting business in WoW. The few decent pieces which are restricted are often overshadowed by easy-to-obtain raid or badge pieces. The items which are used repeatedly (gems, armor kits, etc) often are less expensive than the mats from which they are created. So when I last played WoW almost all of my characters were miner/skinners or herbalist/skinners.

    When I made those two decisions my enjoyment of WoW (and my bag/bank space) increased quite a bit. I still have my first set of T1 and do break it out of the bank from time to time. But no more worrying about my crafting or balancing mats. Just gather, sell mats, by the crafted goods I need, dive into the Olympic sized swimming pool full of gold. >.>

    • My problems with space stem mostly from collecting all the junk from holiday and special events. 3/4 of my inventory is probably filled with that stuff. I would love it if Blizzard would implement some sort of “closet” system to keep all my festive clothing. I mean, thank God they did away with mounts and pets needing to be in your inventory, or else it would have been hopeless ages ago.

  5. Since supposedly Azeroth is getting wiped out tomorrow, I reinstated my account for old times sake.

    Kind of a bittersweet moment. I spent several quality years in Azeroth as it exists today. It was pretty cool and brought back some great memories. I’ll be interested to see if Cat reinvigorates the game for me or not.

    • WoW definitely needed some “invigoration”. I realized my in-game activities have become so limited, I wonder if it wasn’t for my husband if I would even be subbing. I am the same as you, wondering if it will rekindle my interest in the game.

  6. well done you. Ive been trying the same but my realms auction house has been dead so it looks like im stuck with stuff till launch =(

    • My biggest profit came from gems. I just keep posting them up again and again, dropping the price bit by bit until my stuff sells. I figure anything would be better than the prices post-Cataclysm. As long as I’m still making a profit.

      • I thought I’d try tap into the netherweave bag market for peoples alts but Woah people are selling them cheap!

      • Yeah, I think it’s too late for a lot of stuff, my eternals aren’t selling as well as I thought either!

  7. Sounds like a great deal. I hold onto a few things that I could never get back. Probably too many things. But since my main is an enchanter, I’m also tempted to immediately blow up anything I don’t need.

    • It’s probably a good thing I’m not an enchanter. Chances are, I’ll end up sharding things I regret later!

  8. I’m not much of a hoarder in my personal life, nothing out of the ordinary really. But in video games I can’t stop collecting stuff let alone sell or get rid of anything.

    • I was a hoarder until recently. When I had to move around a lot, that’s when I discovered the folly of keeping a lot of things. Come to think of it, I probably hoard in games because I can’t hoard in real life 🙂

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