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Okay, Who’s Turn Was It To Chain The Dragon Up?

November 24, 2010

I think he got loose again...

As the rumors predicted, “The Shattering” patch hit World of Warcraft yesterday. Last night, the excitement was almost palpable as everyone in the guild chattered on about the changes big and small.

Meanwhile, my husband and I attempted to explore every corner of altered Azeroth. Let me tell you, our venture across this great expanse was a magical time of discovery and learning, and it was just simply amazing to be able to share this experience with my own back-pocket mage–er, I mean, the love of my life!

All joking aside, with the changes so extensive and thorough, we weren’t able to get very far in our exploration even with his portals. There was just too much to see. As you know, Gadgetzan is now prime beach-front property…

Azshara has its own rocket-coaster track…

And Auberdine is completely demolished. For some reason, seeing the following made me so sad.

To see that even the hippogryphs weren’t spared by the expansion, I was like WHY, DAMN YOU, WHY?!! Strangely, I felt little to nothing for the dead Night Elf NPC bodies littering the coast of Darkshore. What, they’ve done absolutely nothing but burden me with annoying quests when I was all but a little lowbie. But those hippogryphs, man, they faithfully and compliantly carried my ass everywhere for the last four years.

And of course, the most cataclysmic change of all…

"Hey, Kirstin, Scott and Thomas, what the hell have you done with Olivia, Newton and John?! You bastards!"

Edit: Thanks to Rowan for pointing out they are on the other side of the bank, alive and well. You got lucky this time, Westmills.

Anyway, never let it be said that I don’t stop to smell the roses. Or in this case, sunflowers. Getting this disgustingly cute pet, an obvious reference to a certain PopCap Games favorite, was high on my to-do list yesterday. I don’t think I’ve ever been so eager to visit Hillsbrad Foothills, where I prepared to try my hand at some Plants vs. Zombies, WoW style.

Best brush up on your PvZ skills if you’re rusty; they don’t make it easy. Or maybe it’s just because I suck. Hey, my husband is the PvZ expert, not me. The last two phases took me half a dozen tries before I finally got the hang of it. Getting the adorable little guy in the end is worth it though. And he sings so sweetly.

I told myself I wasn’t going to do any of the new quests in the low-level zones until I rolled my Worgen, but I ended up having to break that rule for another new pet added with the patch. Turns out, the opportunity to obtain Withers only opens up after completing a long quest chain in Darkshore, which probably comprises about half the damn quests in the zone.

Nothing like vanity pets to get me all riled up. There are worse things to motivate me, I suppose.

As an unexpected treat, I had Anjin of Bullet Points to keep me company while I quested, after discovering that he has a couple Alliance characters on Silvermoon as well. So random, but always a pleasure when coincidences like this make you realize the world (of Warcraft) is smaller than you think.