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No Match For A Good Blaster At Your Side

December 3, 2010

Today’s Star Wars: The Old Republic update was a closer look at Crew Skills. I’m somewhat surprised at the heavy focus on crafting in these recent updates, but I can’t complain because I love developer blogs. It’s always such a pleasure to see a developer speak so passionately about designing their game.

And it’s almost like Mr. Mallot has been reading my mind. One of my questions about crafting, of course, is that with such a huge emphasis on companions and utilizing your crew skills in this system, is there even room for the players to do any of it?! The answer, apparently, is yes.

Good. Because much like Hunter, I have come to enjoy using crafting and gathering sessions in-game as social time with friends. We all have those lazy days where we log in only to find zero motivation to play, but there’s a party in guild chat and you just want to join in the fun and play without actually having to do anything that requires too much time or concentration. I usually use this time to gather. While I’m still a big fan of efficiency, sometimes a girl just needs some mindless ways to occupy her time. To me, it is a big plus that SWTOR crafting will offer you the option of either doing the dirty work yourself or delegating these tasks to your companions in the field or offline. Having a choice is always a good thing, and it shows that the devs do mean it when they say they want to accommodate a variety of playstyles.

It was also stated that there will be special pieces of equipment that the player can craft themselves. Like lightsabers (though, hopefully they’ll give non-force users “special” items to craft as well). I assumed this might be the case, but it’s still nice to have confirmation. Loyal companions or not, certain things are just too important to trust to them!

This being a dev blog, nothing else too earth-shattering was revealed, but they did show us a fourth crafting skill — Armstech, along with a description on quality vs. crafting requirements. Here’s where I started to see some of that “WoW with a twist.” Still. I may be wrong of course, but while there are some minor features that feel similar to different games, on the whole this crafting system seems to set itself apart from anything else out there.

You know, I’ve stated it more than once that I’m no crafting enthusiast, but I think I’m slowly being swayed…