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December 4, 2010

Rift certainly did sneak up on us. It’s no secret that some of us scored VIP keys (but that’s all you’ll be hearing from me about that) and after seeing that awesome new trailer that kicked off the game’s closed beta this weekend, my excitement and interest in the game has increased by multitudes.

As with a lot of games I anticipate, the first thing I want to do is learn more about the game world and its lore. I started as I normally would, checking out the official site and scouring the internet for fansites and wikis, until I suddenly realized it wasn’t the details about Telara and its inhabitants that I was interested in. What I really craved were stories.

I think it really speaks to the talent on this development team that I’m actually actively seeking out Rift reading material past just the practical specifics. While I’ve certainly enjoyed my share of stuff like short stories or tie-in novels for other games I play or am interested in, some I admit I’ve picked up just because I felt like I needed to, not because I actually wanted to. I dunno, has anyone else ever felt that way? With Rift, on the other hand, I’m genuinely intrigued and would truly love to know more about the world of Telara on a deeper level.

That said, they do have a few wonderful tales including Parts I and II of The Boar Spear up at their site. I suppose we also have the Wildstorm comics. I started collecting them after I bought the first issue originally for a chance at beta, but now I’m just glad I have them to satiate my lore addiction.