December 7, 2010

So last night’s foray into night was successful, and I am now admiring the contents of my Collector’s Edition of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. While I’m excited for this expansion, I think living through the launches for the last two have mellowed me out somewhat over the years. I rushed to complete all my goals when The Burning Crusade came out, and did the same again with Wrath of the Lich King, and where did that leave me? All I got for my troubles was a severe case of burnout.

Well, lesson learned. After coming home last night and installing, the first thing my husband and I did last night was — wait for it — go to sleep. And this morning we were rewarded with a flawless start to our Worgen adventures, clear and smooth sailing from login screen to level 5. As planned, I made a new Worgen Priest. Meet Daeshara:

From proud noble...

...to chained dog.

I have enjoyed everything I’ve seen in this area so far, from the gorgeous new environments to the posh NPC accents. I also love the new story-telling aspect in these new starting zones.

Once you start, I have to admit it does get harder and harder to stop. And it’s even worse when you’re surrounded by the giddiness of so many WoW players in the MMO and blogging community today. You want to slow down and remind yourself that all the new content will still be there tomorrow, but the atmosphere is bloody infectious. For better or worse, I’ve got my husband to help me keep a good pace. Mr. MMOGC doesn’t have all that much time to play, so whenever we start new characters together, longtime readers will remember the dreaded Spousal Leveling Contract.

Besides leveling, however, I even hesitate to do anything that might involve any form of progression in-game, lest I accidentally dishonor the contract and invite spouse aggro of a whole different sort. I found out the hard way just this weekend (it’s a week for all sorts of lessons, apparently) when I didn’t think he would mind if I went off on my main to do some of the new zone quest achievements on my own. I’d only done Westfall, Redridge, and Duskwood but from the earful I got you’d have thought he had just found out about my plans to run off with our life savings to live in some remote villa in Tuscany with my secret twin Antiguan lovers or something.

Anyway, to be fair, ever since I came back to WoW after my break, I’ve always thought of it as “his” game since it’s the only MMO he likes and plays. Sometimes I wonder if I would even bother to maintain a subscription if it wasn’t for my husband. And there is something to be said about the joy of being able to experience new things together for the first time, and share those in-game memories for years to come. And it is very sweet of him that he wants to do everything with me, so for the sake of marital bliss I will strive to resist all cataclysmic temptations.

Heeeey, WATCH THOSE HANDS, old man.


  1. I’ll have to check out Worgan when I get my Gobby to 85. I’m thinking I will be there in March

    • I am in the same boat as you, just reverse the factions! March sounds about right!

  2. LOL on the last screenshot, was exactly what i was thinking šŸ™‚

    • LOL Those hands are definitely digging where they aren’t supposed to…

  3. The worgen area looks really interesting, I look forward to checking it out eventually. I was pretty “meh” about the Cataclysm launch until I checked out the sundering. Since then I’ve been dumping most of my spare time into it.

    • I just finished the Worgen starting zone today and all the quests there etc. I am speechless, just simply amazed at what they did with that area.

  4. I’m about at the end of my free 10 days and I’m still at the “meh” stage myself. I probably haven’t gotten far enough, but the dwarven starting area doesn’t seem too different from what it was at launch. The vanilla UI has improved at least.

    • I take it you didn’t roll a gnome (there starting area is completely new), and haven’t been to any of the new quest hubs like the airport? Do yourself a favor and at least push on to the airport, I thought it was a lot of fun. If that doesn’t grab you, there’s likely nothing in post shattering WoW for you.

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  6. I’m not in any big rush either. I’ve had a blast in the Goblin area and hope to spend more time checking out the Worgen soon too.

    To hell with the mains šŸ˜‰ We’ve got plenty of time for them later!

  7. I was quite fortunate to be able to play before I went to bed on Monday and I was very impressed with how smoothly the launch went. I got an in-game message saying the expansion was released, re-started the game (had to wait in a queue for 10mins) and then was away with my Worgen. No crashes, no delays, no problems. Very, very impressive!

    • Wow, you were one of the lucky ones! I was reading some of the European forums out of curiosity to see how the launch over there was going, there were people who couldn’t get in for close to an hour or longer!

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