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SWTOR: Father Of The Modern Imperial Military

December 10, 2010

Today’s Star Wars: The Old Republic Friday update is a new timeline video, focusing on the Rebirth of the Sith Empire.

Maybe it’s just me, but Master Gnost-Dural sure seems to have a major hard on for the Sith Emperor. Every other word out of his mouth seems to be about his “dark genius” or his “visionary planning”. Just whose side are you supposed to be on, “Master Jedi”? Nevertheless, Lance Henriksen’s voice acting was as excellent as always.

Hey, I never knew James Marsters was a Grand Moff...

Lore junkies aside, I’m starting to think that these timelines are geared more towards Star Wars fans than actual gamers. But as someone planning on playing a Bounty Hunter, I appreciate any update featuring the Sith empire, especially when it has to do with imperial military strength.

This particular timeline seems to throw us non-force users a bone, with the introduction of Odile Vaiken, first Grand Moff and founder of the modern imperial military, who became an adored symbol to the imperial citizenry. Yes, such an important character, and we haven’t heard a smidgen about him until now because he’s the product of Bioware retconning, obviously. Even to me, this feels a little extreme. Still, given time and a little attention, he may have the potential to establish himself within the lore. After all, I can’t imagine the writers spending so much time fleshing out his character in a longer than average timeline record, only to have him fade into the background again. I expect to see many mentions of him and his legacy in the game, especially for the Sith.

Great music for the video too. Dun da da dun da da dun da da da!