Strength Of The Jedi

December 17, 2010

Today’s Star Wars: The Old Republic update is a Fan Friday, which I did not expect. Is it that time of the month already? It didn’t seem very long ago that we had the last Fan Friday, and it’s a little strange to think that the next one we get will be in the new year. If you really can’t wait for SWTOR, here’s a suggestion — start measuring time based on the Friday Updates schedule, then the days will just seem to zip by.

Given all the Jedi impressions and Jedi-related interviews we had floating around this week, I also half-expected to see even more stuff about the Jedi today. I don’t know, the Bioware team strike me as folks who like to keep with a theme, after all. In any case, Darth Hater has provided an excellent round-up of all the information this week with their “Jedi Immersion Day” articles.

I usually take all previews with a grain of salt (and that means both negative and positive ones) since they are still early in development, and impressions are very personal and subjective especially when it comes to starting areas, but I found DH’s hands-on write-ups to rival Massively’s in terms of level of detail and relevance to an MMO gamer. Even though I generally find it difficult to agree or disagree with someone else’s take until I get the opportunity to play a game for myself, I enjoyed reading a lot of these for their unique points-of-view or specific examples.

Videos courtesy of Darth Hater. They have a lot more cool stuff on the Jedi, I highly recommend checking it all out.

Back to the Friday Update, once again the Fan Friday came bundled with a Studio Insider and Community Q&A — this week’s developer goodie is titled “Experience Coruscant” and it’s a blog from World Designer Eric Young featuring an in depth look at the process of building the ecumenopolis.

It’s hard to wrap my head around all the descriptions in his narrated tour, especially when all we’ve seen so far of Coruscant in-game are screenshots and a few short clips, and I will admit that all along I’d figured much of the city to be a “mere facade.” But no, apparently, the plans for Coruscant are much more ambitious. To make traversing a multi-level sci-fi city like this “seamless” and “immersive” sounds like a dream come true, and I really hope they pull it off.

From the brightest lights to the darkest depths; such is the glory and tragedy of Coruscant.

They all seem to have a way with words over there, because I just love this quote. And speaking of quotes, gotta love this one too, from Dallas Dickinson’s Q&A:

All of our planets have iconic musical themes as well as beautiful environmental art and effects, and even if a dirty cantina on Hutta isn’t beautiful, it sure feels like Star Wars to sit in one, listening to music and watching a creepy Rodian hit on a Twi’lek dancer.


And finally, the first chapter of the upcoming Deceived novel is available for our reading pleasure, along with the second chapter on Starwars.com. Personally, I’m not going to read it because I don’t want to spoil it for myself. I’ll wait until March to read the entire thing, thanks, hopefully on my Kindle…but given the fact that the e-book version of Fatal Allliance is still not available for purchase, I’m not holding my damn breath.


  1. I loved hearing that Coruscant will have a Black Sun district. How cool would it be to run into Prince Xizor there.

    • Would he be that old? 😛

    • Yeah news of Black Sun district was good news to me!

  2. OMG! hahah I forgot the time age. hehehe
    Well how about his great great grandpappy then.

  3. This has been a pretty robust week for SWTOR news, all things considered. You can’t always say that about Fan Friday weeks, but this, along with the excellent coverage by DH, Toro, and other fansites on the Jedi gameplay, really comes together to create a sizeable helping of information to chew on. I am thoroughly impressed, and very, very happy.

    Coruscant continues to amaze me–even moreso now that I’ve read some of the reviews from people who were able to see it ingame.

    In particular, Brandon from Torocast really took my excitement to a whole new level with his descriptions of Coruscant. He talked about the propaganda posters, the overt presence of non-military factions within the city, the fact that the buildings are not merely facades, but full, massive, totally explorable buildings (that Senate building still blows my mind), and that you can, in fact, take a leap right off a building and fall deep into the chasms beneath the upper levels of the city, etc. Listen to that podcast if you haven’t heard it yet. It’s nothing short of sweet to hear the play-by-play from an enthusiastic fan who had 7 hours of time with the game (lucky bastard XP).

    I decided to read the 1st chapter of Deceived just to get an idea of the book’s quality. I must say, I agree with Darthhater’s statement–“If Fatal Alliance was Threat of Peace, Deceived is Blood of the Empire.” I won’t spoil anything about the chapter, but I will say I am definitely going to buy a hard copy when it is released.

    I’ve actually heard some cantina music from the game, and I must say, I laughed at how awesomely Star Wars it sounded. It had that same kind of groovy, festive, sort of hepcat feel to it that made the original Cantina music so infectious. Just south of elevator/operator-placing-you-on-hold music, but something very appropriate to drink a shot of nutrient chemicals to in the Jekk’Jekk Tarr.

    I could definitely see myself just sitting around in one of those places, sorting through my inventory, or thinking up a crafting routine for my crew while I think of what to do next on my main.

    • Yeah, all things considered, it was a pretty rich week. I love the new insider that comes with the fan fridays now, and to have such a long dev blog in it, I was happy.

      No I haven’t listened to that podcast and I think I’m going to have to. I was originally kind of ambivalent towards Coruscant, probably because I didn’t think any game would be able to do it justice so I wasn’t going to have any expectations…but I gotta say, they’re making it sound really hot. If it’s everything they say and more, Coruscant is now getting me pretty excited.

      So how was the first chapter of Deceived? You don’t have to spoil anything for me, just from what you read is it well written? I don’t think I’ve read anything else by the author. I’m going to have to buy a hard copy of it too, I think. First of all, I doubt there will be an ebook available at release…and heck, I have Fatal Alliance in hardcover already anyway, might as well keep up a matched set.

      And with the music, I know right? All of it in general, really. I think it was the Massively article that said something like, it sounds like Star Wars the way you can imagine it sounds like John Williams himself composed it. I completely agree.

      • How was the chapter? Well, one thing I noticed right away with the chapter, in comparison to the way Fatal Alliance started out, sort of parallels ToP & BotE’s differences.

        In ToP you had more characters and it could get a bit chaotic, at times. In BotE you really just focused on Teneb Kel, Maggot, and Exal Kressh, which made the character depth a bit better. How this relates to FA & Deceived? In Deceived–at least if the first chapter is any indication–it seems as if they’ve gone away from trying to tell about 9 different stories, in favor of getting indepth with a handful of characters. I understand why it had to be done the way it was done for Fatal Alliance, but I’ll admit that I like stories that focus on a smaller group of protagonists and antagonists. It just means you get a more powerful emotional investment with the characters.

        The music I’ve heard has been damn incredible. More than once I’ve had that tingly “rollercoaster” feeling while listening to SWTOR music. That’s how you should feel when you listen to something awesome–like the music just gets to you on a deeper level than just listening to it. Moreover, the music does feel like Star Wars. Everything I’ve heard so far has had that “John Williams leitmotif” quality to it.

        Now all BioWare needs to do is promise to put a copy of the score in a Collector’s Edition and I would place an order for it tomorrow.

  4. I loved the updates. I like that things are shaping up for an MMO we can once again “get lost in.” I liked the walkthrough about Coruscant. Mostly though, and I realize this has nothing to do with game information really, I *loved* the new Sith Warrior avatars. I’m gonna be needing some of those armor sets!

    • Ah, another Sith warrior 😛 I gotta admit though, they do have some really awesome looking armor! Good thing bounty hunters are pretty fashionable too, from what I saw!

  5. as a guild wars player, the massive city concept of Kaineng seems originally based on Coruscant to me. it’ll be interesting to see if there are similar elements when I get to play tor.

  6. man, they’re really ramping up on the SW:TOR news aren’t they?

  7. SWTOR can’t come soon enough.

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