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Super Trooper

December 24, 2010

I know — really, really cringe-worthy and groan-inducing title. But I have the sniffles and the cold meds make my head feel like someone stuffed my skull full of cotton candy, so bear with me. Please pardon any typos and if I stop making sense, feel free to nod, smile and back away.

Today’s Star Wars: The Old Republic update has been the subject of much speculation over the last week. “It’s Christmas Eve, are they going to give us something extra awesome?” “No, no, no, it’s a holiday weekend, no way it’s going to be anything special.” The actual result? The skeptics were right in that there was no “extra special” reveal for the holidays, but the other camp was right too —  the Friday update was still nothing short of AWSOOOOMMMME!

Today, Bioware says, Dear Troopers, Merry Christmas. Enjoy the goods:

Class video:

I’m Trooper Shepard, and this is my favorite video on the Citadel.

Trooper starship, the BT-7 Thunderclap:

Like I read somewhere, the Thunderclap really does have the look of a love-child between an Imperial Lambda shuttle and a giant B-Wing. Very nice. And very “Republic”, if you know what I mean. Or maybe you don’t. Cold meds, remember.

Trooper companion, Tanno Vik:

I don’t like him. He has the look of a cocky bastard and his description doesn’t exactly report to the contrary, but his “undisciplined and unstoppable” presence could be the key to the question of whether or not you can play a darkside trooper. I say yes, for sure, and it would be believable to boot. I like having the choice, but personally I think I’d feel pretty bad about being an amoral trooper. I’m sure the Republic doesn’t pay me to mow down NPCs.

Playable species for Trooper, Zabrak:

A lot of folks thought the Zabrak would only be available for the Sith, but a very minor character in the SWTOR novel Fatal Alliance made me think otherwise. Yeah, he was sort of a jerk in the book, but a Zabrak Trooper is a Zabrak Trooper, and I had a feeling it was a big hint on possible playable species.

And finally, revealed Advanced Classes to round out the Trooper Dossier.

All in all, a great update. Now bring on the Bounty Hunter!