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1 Year Of Blogging

January 12, 2011

Okay, so I knew my blogoversary was sometime in January, but er, little did I know I’ve already missed it by five days. I just can’t believe it’s already been a whole year. To understand my shock, you have to realize that some of my hobbies in the past have been extremely short-lived, and that I’ve never seriously kept a blog before (well, unless you want to count that site I started a few years back, which was mostly just a collection of incoherent ramblings from a college girl and her drunk Life Sci major friends…) MMOGC is really the first blog I’ve ever written with a focus on a specific topic, that I’ve also managed to maintain for more than a few months.

In many ways, I still consider myself a fledgling blogger, which is why I can’t tell you how surprised I was (but also flattered and deeply, deeply honored) to find my little blog listed on Massively a few weeks ago beside other blogging greats, many of whom are writers I respect immensely. I remember my motivations for starting this blog — a desire to write for fun about a hobby that I enjoy, as well as be part of a community to talk about the MMOs and other games that I love. Even so, I never expected at the time that a year later I’ll still be banging away at posts on this thing, and that people will actually read my stuff.

I had no idea either that I was going to make so many friends in my first year. That, to me, has been the most rewarding part about this experience. Most of my friends in real life are not gamers, and because of that, I have very little opportunity to talk about games outside the internet. This blog has served as a jumping-off point for me, opening a window to the greater online gaming community and connecting me to the a social network in which I can talk with others about games and all the other geeky things I like.

I also started this blog to track my gaming habits and dialogue my thoughts, so I can look back at any time to see what I’ve been playing. Based on number of posts, Star Trek Online, World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, and Lord of the Rings Online seem to be the MMOs that I spent the most time playing in my first year of blogging. For a game that’s not even released yet, Star Wars: The Old Republic racked up a lot of posts too, but if I’ve established any kind of tradition over here at MMOGC, it would be writing about the weekly SWTOR Friday updates. And that will probably continue until the game comes out.

Do I have any regrets? Well, yes, actually, one. Believe it or not, it would have to be naming this site MMO Gamer Chick. Honestly, I wish to hell that I had come up with something more catchy, perhaps something more original. The day I made the blog though, I remembered a text I got from a friend while we were both in grad school. It was “ya crazy MMO gamer chick!” in response to the way I juggled 4 nights of WoW raiding on top of all the readings, mountains of assignments and responsibilities of practicum we were burdened with. I worked hard to manage that schedule, and was proud of that, leading me to embraced that identity at the time…but I’m not sure if I want the name for the blog forever.

Finally, to you, awesome reader, I just want to say thank you, I couldn’t have done it without you. MMOGC may be just a blog, but it has been a big part of my life for the last year. Whether you’re a long time reader or are just dropping by, thanks for checking out my little corner of the internet; you know I love sharing it with you! May Year 2 be even better than the first!