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A Not-Too-Evil-Looking Fancy Space Yacht

January 14, 2011

Ugh, I experienced an epiphany while perusing the Star Wars: The Old Republic update today — the X-70B Phantom is too good for the Imperial Agent. Is that a wet bar I see in the corner there? Hey, I may be a loyal subject of the Empire, but I’d french kiss a rancor before I let my hard-earned tax credits pay for some Imperial dolt to schmooze and booze his way across the galaxy.

What, envious, me?

The lengthy Studio Insider entry that was released gives us a detailed look into the design process for the Agent starship, which should be of interest to the concept design/developer types. On a personal note, I have a lot of respect for artists who can render “techy” stuff. My own artistic strengths lie in living things like people or animals, so I absolutely admire those who can do things like ships, weapons and other machinery.

I’m also once again amazed at how the creative process for something seemingly so minor can involve the efforts of a team the size of a small village. Really puts the costs and development time into perspective, in my opinion. Bioware made a good choice in featuring the Phantom’s design from the ground up, as I’ll grudgingly admit that ever since its details were released I’ve always thought it was the coolest ship — both in the looks and function department. It’s fascinating to see how the pieces come together — which concepts come into play at which stages and which influences make it through to the final product, from floor plans of the Ebon Hawk to ideas on what “a certain British spy” might drive.

Now can I please have my Bounty Hunter update? Something tells me that the ship still won’t be as cool as the Phantom, but if it’ll have its own carbonite prisoner display room…okay, probably not, but a girl can dream.

Also released today was January’s edition of Fan Friday which includes the usual fan creations, concept art, forum avatars and smilies — but also a special event announcement. Not that we didn’t see this coming, but SWTOR will be present at PAX East later this year.

Awesome, so am I!