Champions Online: Free Ass-Kicking For All In Millennium City

January 26, 2011

This week, I return to the world of MMO gaming with a vengeance — I know I said I was going to play the crap out of Rift beta 5, but still I found some time last night to download the new Champions Online free-to-play client.

I was pleasantly surprised to see my old character still there, waiting for me at the character screen. It’s been a little more than a year since I created her, but I can still remember the process clear as day. I’m a huge Marvel fangirl, so not surprisingly, I drew a lot of inspiration from the comics. Jessica Drew the Spider-Woman is one of my personal favorites, so giving my character her good looks and long beautiful black hair was a no-brainer. Combat-wise, I couldn’t stop thinking about Elektra, but instead of a couple of sai I’d opted to let her wield a Samurai sword instead.

If you’ve ever played a Cryptic game, you’d know that creating a character is always fun as hell, and Champions is no exception. I can’t say I remember exactly how it all happened, but my character ended up with a banded red skintight jumpsuit and a couple of horns. Now, Matt Murdock might be able to get away with running around town looking like the devil, but um, how should I put this? For my heroine, I wanted something a little less…demonic?

Hey, nothing like slapping a cutesy animal name on her can’t fix. Meet the Red Gazelle:

Not long after I logged in, I met up with my good friend Blue Kae who was also checking out CO at the time. He came up to greet Red Gazelle with his character — get this — named Blue Ram. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

We partnered up to form, um…Team Ungulates? The Bovidae Duo? Something tells me even if I brush up on my mammalian taxonomic classifications ’til the cows come home (oh my God, I slay myself sometimes), I’ll still never be able to come up with a good-sounding name for these two.

I’ve played CO in the past, but I didn’t stay with it very long — that decision didn’t really have anything to do with the actual gameplay, mind you…just, you know, it gets a little hard to play when the client crashes your computer every five minutes. Not really the game’s fault, but I never did get the chance to go back even after I bought a new PC last year.

Kae was a good teacher, and I happily played Robin to his Batman while he took me around Millennium City and helped get me reacquainted with the game again. It’s clearly a fun MMO, and depending on how it goes, I may decide to sub for the month of February just to get my hands on all the good stuff Gold members get. I’d hate to miss out on the chance to fully customize my powers and abilities, which has been touted as one of the best features of the game, even if it’s just for a little while.

For the remainder of the night, Blue Ram and the Red Gazelle brought their own brand of justice to the streets of Millennium City — both above and below. Our cloven heroes even took to the sewers, rudely interrupting an evil crime syndicate meeting that was taking place in its smelly dark depths. I’m proud to say I did my part by getting in the way and making myself dead while Kae fought to kill the bad guys and save my useless ass. In other words, I was the perfect sidekick!


  1. Oh wow no way! I saw you guys together where you took that picture. By the prison and the purple guys. I was on Feudal. Weird.

    • Really? Cool! The beauty of everyone playing on one big shard 🙂

  2. Bovidae Duo! Hahahahhehehehahah…. aaah.

    Screenshots turned out really well, excellent job on the post title too. Glad you had as much fun as I did.

    • I took many screenshots that time, because almost every combat move just looked so effing cool. One thing that didn’t occur to me last year was just how iconic they’ve made some of the postures and styles.

  3. i want! but i’m pretty sure my shitty laptop can’t handle it.

    • that first screenshot is awesome too!

    • wow, never thought I’d see you say you want an MMO.

  4. Well done guys — that looks like alot of fun!

    • Even though it’s impossible for me to play another game right now, I can’t help but wonder how DCUO would compare. so you better keep up your blog!

  5. Nice caps. I gotta hand it to Cryptic. I really like the hand-drawn look of the graphics. Very cool.

    • The art style is fantastic. I was glad my PC was able to handle the limning on the graphics, it does look like something lifted right out of a comic.

  6. The Herd.

    • Haha, good one! But doesn’t that make us sound like mindless sheep? 😛

      • It’s up to either perspective or authenticity. Neither of you are mindless, but rams & gazelles do travel in herds.

        I guess if you want to go geeky about it, look at it as either a Marvel or DC superhero team. If DC, The Herd fits right in; if Marvel, you might want to add an X in there somewhere.

      • Haha, touche!

  7. I started to download this last night, then my crappy internet connection reminded me why the only thing i download is music. All the same, it’s something cramping my want for Champions. I remember not too long ago when this game first came out i was DYING for it….then i heard about STO and i waited and waited on that game and finally copped it, only to quit.

    Trying not to come down with want, dont want, syndrome with mmo’s, but MAN DCUO looks frickin sexxxyyyy…..i want to play it so bad :(, it’s killed my want for Champions, even though it’s free as hell, and good as hell.

    If TOR doesn’t get a concrete date soon, i’m probably going to try DCUO out, just so i can stop lusting after it so hard.

    • DCUO does look mighty tempting. I was *this* close to getting it, until I looked at the games coming out in the next few months and there’s just no way I can give it the attention it deserves. Maybe when things stable out a little in the summer, I will look into it again, and maybe the box price would have gone down by then too.

      I’m still looking for a superhero MMO though, and it was just perfect timing that Champions made their F2P announcement. This was a game I’d played before and had to stop for reasons out of my control, and the price is right.

      • DCUO is fantastic fun, but I think one of the reasons I’m enjoying it so much is because I’m very much an “ideal” player — I enjoy all of the content, but only on the weekends. I’d recommend waiting for a while and seeing just how much new content SOE is dedicated to producing.

  8. Has the combat changed any since you last played? I remember feeling it was a bit dull and game play was anything but super feeling last time I played.

    • I would say yes, at least it seemed that way to me. With the dps oriented archetype Blade I was constantly almost dead, just finishing enemies before I died and having a blast. Also the block button was a make or break move for me. If I didn’t block at the right time I was gonna lose the fight. Granted I’m only level 11 right now.

      • I chose the Blade archetype too 😛 I also found it difficult to stay alive sometimes, glad it’s not just me. I’ve been learning to use the block button more, truly as you say, it’s a make or break move.

    • The combat is so-so, but then again I’m still pretty low level and only have a limited number of abilities. I see in the powerhouse that there are many more that I can train as I level though, so I’ll withhold my judgment until I see more of the game.

  9. sweet so now that its free its staying on my hard drive. so does the “FNS” et al have a super group in CO now? are we gonna fight crime?

  10. I can’t believe that you wrote a Champions post and I didn’t comment on it! Bad, blogger. Bad!

    Glad to see you had a good time. It looks like the two of you put the character creator to good use. Since I’ve been back to the game recently, I hope we can run into each other some time.

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