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Happy Birthday, Star Trek Online!

February 3, 2011

Time for some drunken singing, and those familiar with T'Andy know there's only one song befitting a celebration like this...

I’d like to wish all the Star Trek Online staff and players a happy 1 year anniversary, and what a year it’s been! We’ve had some ups and downs over the last 12 months, and we’ve watched friends come and go, seen some things that made us angry and things that made us glad. But as a gamer, nothing warms my heart more than watching a new game grow over time and find its stride. 1 year is an important milestone, and I would like to congratulate and thank the dedicated and talented STO team at Cryptic for all the great work they have done.

Here are some screenshots of Earth Spacedock from the day’s festivities. Boy, am I happy to be a Starfleet captain today.

They’ve come up with a crafty and very amusing way to explain all the changes to ESD. Let’s just say it involves a certain old friend from a race of omnipotent, godlike beings. Q has set up shop in Club 47, offering up Star Trek trivia questions to those brave enough to play his game. At least the first (trick) question is easy:

Given who you're talking to, there's only one right answer to this one...

Get a question wrong, and POOF!

Yes, he turned me into a Horta.

Other things I got turned into:  Sehlat cub, targ, Devidian, a spider, and also some rat-hog thing. Yeah, clearly, I suck at Star Trek trivia, but getting transformed into something at least five times did earn me a Celebration: One Year accolade!

Answer enough questions correctly to Q’s satisfaction, however, and he rewards you with a bunch of goodies including an Explosive Party Popper that shoots random effects.

My favorite one is the Tribble gun that spits out a nice big pile of the little buggers. I pity the clean up crew.

Good turnout for the party! It’s refreshing to see so many players all in one place.

Live long and prosper, Star Trek Online!