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A Sea Of Quotes

February 10, 2011

A thought has been occurring to me a lot lately. It has to do with all upcoming games, especially the highly anticipated ones, and inevitably it always seems to hit me whenever there’s a big brouhaha about Star Wars: The Old Republic.

I guess it really kinda amazed me how one tiny quote had everyone and their uncle scrambling to try and define what “Spring 2011” meant. Or when the prospects of PvP in the game were in doubt, fans scoured the internet for videos or articles for anything the devs said about the subject trying to argue it as proof of yes or no. Even I’ve found myself over-analyzing some of the things that have been said, like trying to dissect the “dozens of planets” quote six ways to Sunday. It’s what we do for the things we’re passionate about.

Hence I hold no grudge against eager gamers for their conviction in digging up and trying to extract as much information from interviews or even seemingly offhanded comments, and oftentimes I even sympathize, especially when news is so sparse. But I still can’t help but wonder if this has made devs become more guarded and diplomatic in their answers (er, that is, even more so) now for fear that anything — even a candid statement — can be misconstrued and cause a shitstorm on the internet.

Like, do they ever suddenly sit up awake in the night, face palming themselves remembering an interview earlier in the day, thinking, “@#%$, I really shouldn’t have said that”?