SWTOR: Regrets And Mistakes Of The Great Hyperspace War

February 11, 2011

Today’s Star Wars: The Old Republic update is a new timeline video, chronicling the events of the Great Hyperspace War and the role played by the Sith Lord Naga Sadow.

Okay, so it looks like “Jedi” Master Gnost-Dural has toned down on the blatant rah-rahing over the Sith emperor in this week’s timeline, but say, doesn’t he still sound awfully bitter at the end there? And I could swear there’s almost a tinge of satisfaction when he talks about the Sith return to exact revenge against the Republic. His message was like one big “you guys totally blew it” and subsequently rubbing it in the Republic’s face.

Mark my words, I think there’s something fishy up with this Kel Dor, and he’s going to come out one of these days and make them look like a bunch of fools! God knows the Jedi has seen more moles than a dermatologist’s laser.

In all seriousness though, I have to say I’m getting a bit lost. I have to admit they did less in this timeline than they have in the previous ones in trying to link its contents back to SWTOR. It’s all relevant in that it’s lore, of course, but I can’t help but think if I’m starting to feel a bit lost, how foreign these timelines must all feel to someone just generally interested in the game.

Note we’re going backwards from the time of the game to uncover the root of the conflict between the Republic and the Empire, so in a way it makes sense that the further we get the more things will start to get a little extraneous. And now we’re at about 13 centuries before the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant.

This is treading deep into Tales of the Jedi and other Knights of the Old Republic comics territory. I noticed that a lot of the art in the video, including the costumes of Naga Sadow and others on Korriban are not only beautifully done but also very striking, but these were actually concepts established by comic artists back as early as the 90s.

I think I’m going to have to dig around my graphic novel collection to brush up on the stories again, strengthening my suspicions that the goal of these timelines isn’t necessarily to show players what to expect in the game, but instead it is a means of linking SWTOR to the ideas and stories behind the world of the Old Republic that has already been floating around for years. A way of saying, “Rest assured, folks, we’re going to be doing everything we can to tie SWTOR to the Star Wars mythos!” and “Hey look, there’s more of the Old Republic out there if you want to give money to Dark Horse and check it out!” at the same time, so to speak! 😛


  1. I think Tales of the Jedi 1 and 2 Omnibus is a must for anyone playing this game. I instantly recognized the annoying sibling team of Jori and Gav. The story is great but I just have a personal hate for that duo. (could be due to their most ugly outfits)
    I agree with your statement of bioware tying in all Star Wars lore into this game. I love it.

    • LOL I sometimes find it hard to read the older comics, especially if I don’t like the art style. I actually kinda like the gladiator style of the outfits! 😛 But rendered that way in the comics and with that color style, yeah it looks kinda tacky…it looked really good in the timeline video though!

  2. Wookieepedia is your best friend. If you want to stay in step with BioWare’s history for SWTOR, it seems you MUST be, at least, decently familiar with the events that occurred during the Golden Age of the Sith. Wookieepedia is a great resource to allow research into the many different personalities and events that are being brought up in the lore updates. You won’t get a hugely broad view of the Old Republic era from a wiki search engine, but it does serve as effective cliff notes for this particular era in Star Wars galactic history.

    As we get further back in the history of The Old Republic, funny enough, I do see some things that are most likely to come into play as the game unfolds. First and foremost, I can’t help but notice that one of the more consistent elements of these timelines is the presence of the Kressh family.

    Ludo Kressh’s history with Naga Sadow, Exal Kressh’s role as the Emperor’s top apprentice (and intended host body), a Sith pinning a medal onto Odile Vaiken’s chest who (seemingly) bears the mark of the Kressh family on his/her robes (http://darthhater.com/uploads/blog_images/6658/kressh.jpg; http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100420091742/starwars/images/thumb/5/5d/KresshSymbol.JPG/250px-KresshSymbol.JPG)—it just all seems too convenient to be a mere coincidence.

    It is far too soon to make any grand statements that the Emperor is, without a doubt, a member of the Kressh family, but it certainly is worth pondering, given the evidence available at this time.

    I hope BioWare delves deep into the history of the Kressh family ingame. Other than Naga Sadow, there was no other figure in the history of the Sith Empire from the Golden Age that carries the clout of Ludo Kressh. The fact that the Kressh name has popped up so consistently just makes me curious.

    • Wookiepedia is great, I used to waste so much time on it back in the office where I worked and no one was watching 😛 It’s a great resource for everything Star Wars, because honestly, it’s quite the challenge now know everything give how huge the expanded universe has gotten. Comics, books, cartoons, games, etc etc etc it’s just impossible to experience it all, sometimes you need the cliff notes version a la wookiepedia 😛

      I definitely think big names like Kressh and Naga Sadow will turn up in the game (I still think Yavin 4 will show up as a planet reveal any day now) and we’ll get quests related to the history, perhaps allowing us to delve deeper into their backgrounds…but some of the smaller details still make me think it’s just Bioware giving us info and not much else. Like Jori and Gav, not sure if we’ll get that much more about them from quests in the game, other than some mentions about the role they played during that period of the war.

      • I am looking forward to this upcoming Friday update. There is a chance that it will be a Fan Friday, but something tells me not to give up on seeing something different like a class video or something (if they stick to their release pattern, Bounty Hunter is the next one). I would even love to see another planet reveal, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they revealed one at PAX East.

        There are a number of planets that I am still hoping to see revealed. I would love to see Ziost ingame, but that one is a longshot. Then you have Geonosis, Manaan, Dantooine, Yavin IV, and more; of those Star Wars worlds I just mentioned, I think Geonosis has captured my attention the most (probably because I get visions of PvP Warzones/Arenas that could take place there).

        Plus, the music otaku in me just salivates, thinking about what kind of music the composers will create to suit the utterly ancient backdrop of Geonosis.

      • I expect to see a fan friday before we see a class video, just because that’s been their release pattern. And I am crossing my fingers for the Bounty Hunter! Though I wouldn’t mind seeing the Sith Warrior either. IMDB has Steve Valentine down as the voice for the SW, and thinking about it just makes me swoon (admittedly, it has a lot to do with Alistair from Dragon Age 😛 )

        It’s never a good idea to get my hopes up so I’m not expecting really anything, but let’s just say I am prepared for them to make a big announcement at PAX East. A planet is possible, though maybe even something “bigger”. A video on some major feature perhaps, or something PvP? Or a new trailer? So many possibilities. A release date would fulfill my wildest dreams, but I’m wary to let myself go that far 😛

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  4. Although I enjoy the holo recordings maybe I’m really thick because I’m having trouble following what the heck is going on! 😛

    Oh and if you’re looking for some good Dark Horse Star Wars comics check out Dark Empire. It’s on the first they published and very, very good.

    • Haha, yeah that’s what I was thinking as I was watching the timeline, some of these videos are going over what happened in comics that were written in the 90s, stuff that more general Star Wars fans might not follow.

      And thanks for the recommendation! I might actually have that one, I do own quite a lot of Star Wars comics, but I don’t remember which all are the ones I have 😛

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