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Rift: Searching My Soul

February 16, 2011

No, not that old Ally McBeal theme by Vonda Shepard. Loved that show, though. But I do need help. Maybe I should have named this post “REsearching My Soul”, since with head-start coming up so soon, lately I’ve been thinking about my future plans for Rift, especially when it comes to what class to play and which souls to pick.

Most of the time, I prefer playing support classes like tanks and healers, but for beta I deliberately and specifically chose a solo-friendly DPS class and soul combo because I knew I was going to try and go as far as I could before they wipe the characters. I know a lot of players like to “save” themselves for launch like maidens for their wedding day, but frankly I’ve never too worried too much about spoiling content for myself. The more I level, the farther I get from level 1, and knowing my piss-poor memory with stuff like this, I doubt I’d remember much of anything from my first time through when I play the content again.

The thing about playing like this, however, is that unlike a lot of others, I’ve had very little opportunity to experiment. I messed around a little as a Rogue when I did my quick stint as a Guardian, and I’ve seen a bit of how the Warrior plays courtesy of my husband, but for the most part, I know nothing, NOTHING! I’ve only gotten to know my Mage, albeit quite intimately.

What I’ve been doing so far, is playing with my core soul being Elementalist, with some points thrown into Chloromancer and Stormcaller. Quite honestly though, I’m level 31 right now and at this early stage I still really only need the first two souls. My earth elemental pet, whom I named Bludgeon (I debated either that or Pummel), is key to my success. I’ve sunk most of my points into making him as strong and hard as I can, including improving my pet healing skills and as you can see, upgrading him to a greater elemental. Now we can take up to half a dozen mobs at the same time, as long as the damage input never goes over what I can heal and I don’t run out of mana.

On the Chloro side, I’ve put in just enough points to get myself an instant heal which I can pop around every 10 seconds. As you would expect, this combo resulted in very little downtime.

Anyway, those are my thoughts and experiences, and hopefully later some people will share with me theirs.

I like my beta character so much I’m probably going to stick with the Mage for a side character at launch (AKA the character not beholden to the pesky spousal leveling contract), but for my main I am stilling leaning towards support, though of course at this point, I’m still open to all avenues.

I’m interested to see what other classes and souls others have enjoyed. I do like how the Rift website gives you a brief rundown of each of the classes and souls including their strengths and weaknesses, but of course, nothing can replace actual player experience.

Admittedly, healing does hold great interest for me. Hence I’ve been especially drawn to the Cleric lately, but maybe that’s because it’s the class I know least about. I’m particularly intrigued by a build I’ve seen on forums referred to the “warrior priest” which just begs further investigation.