Postcards From Telara: Bring On Rift

February 23, 2011

Hard to believe the seventh Rift beta event is behind us now, and headstart is imminent. I should think the next time I blog about the game, the live servers will be up and running, which is a pretty exciting thought. I was pleased when I saw that the 8.3 gig “patch” downloaded last night without a hitch, even though thousands of players were likely trying to do it at the same time. It gives me hope for a smooth launch.

I’ve decided to join up with the friendly folks at Multiplaying.net and their Circle of Trust guild, who are rolling Defiant side on the RP-PvE server of Faeblight. Ahh, “Defiant” and “PvE”. What a sweet, sweet sound those two words make. Also, thanks to MP, looks like a lot of people I know will be playing together, if not on the same faction at least on the same server. Since I’ll most likely be making a Guardian alt too, at some point I’m sure I’ll be able to meet up with everyone in Telara.

Like most people, I reined in my activity during the last beta. I played many hours during that week, but instead of pushing to see as much as the game as I can, I mostly rifted and explored at my leisure. I’m looking forward to starting the game tomorrow, with a Cleric soul combination in mind — hmm, Druid/Justicar and something else…maybe Shaman. The last time I saw the starting areas was about two months ago, so that and the fact I’ll be playing a new class should still make the experience feel lemony fresh and new.

And now, once again, for the “postcards” part of this post in which I plunder my screenshot folder (which thankfully I had the foresight to save before uninstalling the beta client) for my favorite images. Because seriously, why take a kajillion bajillion pictures if I can’t share them from time to time?

See you all in game! And long live the Defiants!

Fire rifts and lightning are no excuse to ignore your exercises.

A wind rift that was part of a quest.

About to be stomped to death by an asparagus on steroids.

A variation of the one I posted to twitter. That face is going to give me nightmares...

Er, this on the other hand...MROW?

Caidia in all her glory. Good bye, beta character!


  1. I love that angry purple Sphinx…thing!

  2. Those are excellent screen captures! Also..

    Ahh, “Defiant” and “PvE”. What a sweet, sweet sound those two words make.

    What makes that so unique? Have the open betas forced you to play PvP, or have you played the other faction and not liked it as much? I’ve not really been following all of these RIFT betas. :^/

    • Heheh, AyAitch, you’re reading too much into it! Defiants because I prefer them for their story and style, and PvE simply because I suck at PvP and PvP servers make a carebear like me cry 😀

  3. Love the post cards form Telara, awesome pics.

    See you around in game tomorrow on Faeblight. Shouldn’t be hard to find me.

    • Looking forward to seeing you in Telara!

  4. Looks like everyone’s rolling on Faeblight, huh? I thought Shadefallen sounded so much more deliciously Defiant :p.

    • To my knowledge, that’s where the bulk of people I know will be rolling, both sides. There will be some folks on Sunrest and Shadefallen too though. I know, the latter does sound much more delicious 🙂

  5. woah those are good looking screen shots 🙂

    • Thanks! But for every good one, I have about 10 duds 😛

  6. See you in-game tomorrow then! I’m gonna be in Circle of Trust as well.

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