Just Another Launch Day…

February 24, 2011

Wow. Been watching my Twitter feed fill up with people lamenting the Rift server queues all afternoon. And gahhh, they weren’t frickin’ kidding.

It’s a little past 3:30 right now. Seeing as I won’t actually be available to play until later this evening, I figure now’s a good time to start ‘er up.

Maybe I’ll go take a nap.

Take the dogs for a walk.

Run a bath and read a book.

Then have dinner. Hey, if I’m lucky, the server should be letting me in some time around dessert. Good thing I plan ahead, eh?

Oh, and congratulations, Trion! Looks like your game has generated much interest!


  1. Imagine what it’s going to look like when North America gets home from work!

    • I wonder if they’re sitting on more servers to roll out tonight…if not…*smashes head against desk*

  2. It occurred to me that there’s $52,850 (give or take) worth of customers right there in the queue.

    Faeblight is probably going to be a pain to get into. I do recall the much of the same thing happening in WAR when well-read bloggers said they were going to specific servers. Those servers then got swamped on launch day.

    Some tweets to #rift are claiming that Trion has opened up more servers. Can’t check that claim myself.

    • I did see @Riftgame tweeting about opening up more servers. They probably had them sitting ready to go, knowing full well there will be long server queues. As it would appear, however, still not enough.

      It’s too be expected though, I really didn’t see myself getting much done on launch day; hopefully it’ll let me in long enough at least to make a character, then I’ll be happy already!

    • I got into the game at around 7pm (ET) last night with no waiting. I did have to settle for one of the newly opened servers though (Aedraxis?).

  3. guess i’m sort of glad i didn’t bother pre-ordering. i have a futureshop gift card with rifts name on it, so i’ll just pick it up on the… 1st or whatever.

    • Probably a good idea, at least until things stabilize a little. I know it’s to be expected and Trion is doing their best…but I can’t deny it, right now things are a complete gong show. Glad to hear you’re still planning on picking up the game though.

  4. I logged in right at server launch and was #466 in queue on Faeblight. Took about 25 mins to actually get in game waiting on the queue. After that didn’t have any problems, zone was busy, but it all bottlenecked major busy in Freemarsh as soon as got into the zone there thru the failsafe device..

    Trion did send ingame message that they added 2 new servers via ingame message. They may have added more but thats what i did remember seeing.

    Servers just came down for some balance tweaking for about 15mins. I logged out early before they all came down and every server on the list was listed as “Full”. I was like wow!

    • I was surprised to see that even with so many people trying to get into the server, I had very little problems with questing. During beta, I experienced the bottlenecking and it was pretty bad. I was worried for headstart, but it seemed they either increased the number of mob and items or the rate with which they respawn. Or maybe I was just lucky and missed the initial rush.

      I was able to log on after they did their brief maintenance. And all night I saw them announcing new servers!

  5. We had to abandon our plans to go to Briarcliff (which was the very popular PvP server.) The queues did not let up. So we wound up on Harrow which was a newly created PvP-RP and no queue times at all. The server still seems pretty busy. But now of course we are concerned about what happens if Trion opens too many servers, which is the same mistake Mythic made with WAR.

    • Several people I know who wanted to be on Faeblight with Circle of Trust also had to roll on another server, at least for now if they wanted to get any time to play at all. The queues on Faeblight were just too much.

      I wouldn’t mind if a new game opened a lot of servers but made it clear to their players that future mergers are possible. Maintaining more servers than needed is expensive. Realistically, I think most people understand they’ll see a marked drop off of players after the first couple of months after those who decide to stay stay and those who decide to leave go.

      • mmmmmm…

        something is buzzing in my head…

        The game launch is march 1st… yesterday was head start…

        … and the servers were full and they created more 20 servers…

        Teh first days of march will be interesting…

      • I would not be surprised at all if it turns out they are sitting on even more servers in reserve for March 1st!

  6. AION launch day flashbacks /aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!

    Whew, glad that’s over.

    By all accounts, though, it sounds like other than queues (to be expected) the launch has gone off rather well. Props to Trion for that.

    • Haha I was there for Aion launch too…queues into the thousands and up to 12 hours wait time, yep, I have to say this was comparable to that fiasco 😛

      But I agree, props to Trion. I’m surprised at how they’re holding up, as I imagine things much be pretty crazy over there tonight! They never stopped keeping their players up to date on the situation though, I gotta admire that.

  7. Other than everyone bombarding all the servers on launch day, i would say everything else game wise seemed to have went rather well in my play session..

    Played from around 10PM to late in the morning doing some questing and a bit of rifting even at lvl 10. Servers seemed to cool off around midnight and ever hour after that. I was on this morning around 5AM and could log off and log back in no problem. Looked at all the servers and most had low population at the time except about 2 one was Wolfsbane which was full even at 5AM. Faeblight had a medium population at that time as well so seems allot of people was still on the server playing.

    However I cant say i had or experienced any problem at all in that log session.

    • Logged in around 2 or 3 in the afternoon today, only 20 min wait time or so on Faeblight. The queues got longer the later it got though, an expected pattern. For a mercy, the wait times should get shorter day by day…but of course, we’ll see what happens again when March 1 rolls around.

  8. Faeblight showed a 5+ hour queue for me when I tried to get on at 1:30 mountain time, so I logged in on a newly opened one with only a 20 minute queue. About an hour later servers were brought down for “performance tweaks.” After that, the queue for Faeblight was about 45 minutes, so I waited that out and was able to make my 4 Defiant toons that will be joining Circle of Trust.

    Had to afk a while for dinner and putting the baby to bed and all of that, but never got booted for inactivity (unlike in beta) so was able to get right back in to play the evening. Got a toon to 8, 2 others to 8, and one was left at level 1 reserving my name I wanted for it.

    Baby woke up at 5:00 this morning and after I got her back down it was about 5:30. Logged right in to Faeblight with no queue or anything. And now the cleric is level 8 also. . . .

    Friday night will be interesting, though. I’m thinking it’ll be a long enough queue that I’ll hit it immediately upon getting home and have time to make dinner, get the baby to bed, watch a movie with the wife, and still have a wait beyond that. Should be interesting.

    • There were no queues for Faeblight or only very short wait times as late as early afternoon today. People were probably all burnt out from late night play sessions yesterday, ended up all sleeping in today 😛

  9. I was lucky with regards to queues. My wife took the initiative to log me in while I was at work. She even went ahead and grabbed all my favorite names for characters (except for my most favorite: Stitch unfortunately, I have to be Stich instead). By the time I got home she had created a really nice looking Rogue and named her Lilo and logged her on for me, so no waiting. I really love my wife 😀

    • Aww, Lilo and Stitch, that’s so adorable 😀

      Something tells me I will have to do the same thing, taking the initiative and logging in for my husband next week 😛

  10. DGF and I ended up another (the only other?) PvE-RP shard called Estrael, playing Guardians.

    I am curious, can Trion really be blamed for the long queue on Faeblight? I mean a given server only has so much capacity. If one server is extremely popular (7 hours at one point when I tried) but others can be logged into with no queue, isn’t that just stubbornness on the part of some (ok, tons of) players?

    • There’s definitely stubbornness on the part of players, I think that’s true. I certainly don’t blame Trion for that…I do wonder, however, if they should have started up one or two more RP shards at launch. Clearly, RP servers are popular and there is a good percentage of players who prefer them.

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