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February 27, 2011

Shut up. I’m officially fresh out of clever Rift puns for post titles now, so you’ll have to live with the dregs I scrape from the bottom of the barrel, you poor, poor things.

Some of you may recall a post I did last year titled “My Lovely Ladies” in which I identify the three trends I tend to follow when I make my game characters: 1) They’re all female, 2) They’re all attractive, and 3) They all have different names.

My Rift characters are no exception, and I am particularly a big fussbudget when it comes to names. Five days before headstart and I was already trying to come up with a list of possible names in my head. A list of them, because sometimes, I won’t know which one to use until I see my character standing before me on the screen. A name can sound great, follow all the appropriate conventions and be perfect in every way, but for me it also has to fit a “look” or else it just doesn’t work. See, I told you I was fussy.

Meet Shandenay, my “main” Rift character, Defiant Eth on Faeblight.

I knew for a long time I was going to roll a Cleric. I’ve always had in mind an image of a heroic shining knight in chain mail, a fresh-faced and wholesome young woman with kind of a humble, girl-next-door type of beauty. So no surprise, she came out looking a bit like a Roman goddess. Though the Defiants are branded as heretics, seen as dangerous and shameless, and are therefore labeled the “evil” side by many, I often let the class of my character influence my decisions on overall appearance, not the faction.

My first role for Shandenay consists of a Druid/Justicar/Shaman soul combination. For a first-time Cleric, I went with what the game suggested, and was pleased with the resulting synergy between these three melee souls. I’m able to solo effectively, and offer good support in a duo or in a raid while fighting a rift. I also just recently purchased a second role for the purpose of doing instances, and started putting together a healing build on the fly. The Sentinel and Purifier souls have not let me down so far.

Meet Saimiri, my Guardian High Elf character, also on Faeblight.

Self-righteous. Holier-than-thou. Goody-two-shoes. That’s the feeling I got from the Guardians, which prevented me from connecting with the faction when I did my brief stint as a Mathosian during beta. Still, I have an agreement with my husband that I won’t level my main character without him and he won’t level his without me, so I needed to come up with a Rift alt to play for the times when he’s not around or when he decides to play World of Warcraft instead. Despite my disdain for the “Chosen of Telara’s gods”, I want to see as much of this game as I can, including the content from the other faction, so I saw this as the perfect opportunity.

Wow, I just realized compared to my Cleric, Saimiri looks like a real bitch. My subconscious feelings about the Guardians coming through, perhaps. I do like her name, though. Sometimes, I like coming up with random names that sound good, other times the names I choose for my characters are meant as nerdy little inside jokes to myself. I specialized in an Anthropological Sciences degree when I was in college, and one of my favorite courses I had to take was Primatology. Saimiri is the genus name for the Squirrel Monkey.

I enjoyed my Elementalist/Chloromancer/Stormcaller Mage so much during beta, I was inclined to make another one for launch. Except I substituted Elementalist for NECROMANCER! I needed a pet, and the cool factor of an undead skeleton is just slightly higher than that of a pet rock.

Server queues aside, I’m having a lot of fun in Rift so far, and I hope you are too. Come say hello!