February 27, 2011

Shut up. I’m officially fresh out of clever Rift puns for post titles now, so you’ll have to live with the dregs I scrape from the bottom of the barrel, you poor, poor things.

Some of you may recall a post I did last year titled “My Lovely Ladies” in which I identify the three trends I tend to follow when I make my game characters: 1) They’re all female, 2) They’re all attractive, and 3) They all have different names.

My Rift characters are no exception, and I am particularly a big fussbudget when it comes to names. Five days before headstart and I was already trying to come up with a list of possible names in my head. A list of them, because sometimes, I won’t know which one to use until I see my character standing before me on the screen. A name can sound great, follow all the appropriate conventions and be perfect in every way, but for me it also has to fit a “look” or else it just doesn’t work. See, I told you I was fussy.

Meet Shandenay, my “main” Rift character, Defiant Eth on Faeblight.

I knew for a long time I was going to roll a Cleric. I’ve always had in mind an image of a heroic shining knight in chain mail, a fresh-faced and wholesome young woman with kind of a humble, girl-next-door type of beauty. So no surprise, she came out looking a bit like a Roman goddess. Though the Defiants are branded as heretics, seen as dangerous and shameless, and are therefore labeled the “evil” side by many, I often let the class of my character influence my decisions on overall appearance, not the faction.

My first role for Shandenay consists of a Druid/Justicar/Shaman soul combination. For a first-time Cleric, I went with what the game suggested, and was pleased with the resulting synergy between these three melee souls. I’m able to solo effectively, and offer good support in a duo or in a raid while fighting a rift. I also just recently purchased a second role for the purpose of doing instances, and started putting together a healing build on the fly. The Sentinel and Purifier souls have not let me down so far.

Meet Saimiri, my Guardian High Elf character, also on Faeblight.

Self-righteous. Holier-than-thou. Goody-two-shoes. That’s the feeling I got from the Guardians, which prevented me from connecting with the faction when I did my brief stint as a Mathosian during beta. Still, I have an agreement with my husband that I won’t level my main character without him and he won’t level his without me, so I needed to come up with a Rift alt to play for the times when he’s not around or when he decides to play World of Warcraft instead. Despite my disdain for the “Chosen of Telara’s gods”, I want to see as much of this game as I can, including the content from the other faction, so I saw this as the perfect opportunity.

Wow, I just realized compared to my Cleric, Saimiri looks like a real bitch. My subconscious feelings about the Guardians coming through, perhaps. I do like her name, though. Sometimes, I like coming up with random names that sound good, other times the names I choose for my characters are meant as nerdy little inside jokes to myself. I specialized in an Anthropological Sciences degree when I was in college, and one of my favorite courses I had to take was Primatology. Saimiri is the genus name for the Squirrel Monkey.

I enjoyed my Elementalist/Chloromancer/Stormcaller Mage so much during beta, I was inclined to make another one for launch. Except I substituted Elementalist for NECROMANCER! I needed a pet, and the cool factor of an undead skeleton is just slightly higher than that of a pet rock.

Server queues aside, I’m having a lot of fun in Rift so far, and I hope you are too. Come say hello!


  1. “Wow, I just realized compared to my Cleric, Saimiri looks like a real bitch. My subconscious feelings about the Guardians coming through, perhaps.”

    I friggin’ lol’d. Really glad we chose Defiant, without even having played the game I could tell the Guardian dogma would have annoyed me.

    • Same, and I’m glad too that you decided to join the fun at the last second. And now look at you, Mr. Highest-Level-in-the-guild! 😉 I take it you’re liking Rift so far.

      • Meh, like I said,the #1 key to success is having no life ;), I’ll do a write up sooner or later.

        I just figure since everyone is people are gonna be sick of reading it hehe.

  2. I am absolutely having a blast playing Rift. I’ve been in Beta since Day 1 and thought I’d burn myself out on the game by launch but this is not the case at all! Playing on Sunrest and queues aren’t too bad. Such a beautiful game and so much to do! I already have alt-itis! Everyone I have recommended Rift to is very impressed. I should get a commission I’ve sold so many copies by word of mouth! Very happy for Trion as this is the best MMO to come out in years and the best launch I’ve seen in regards to polish, content and stability.

    • I played only one character through all of the beta events as well and was worried I was going to burn out, but nope, didn’t happen either 🙂 In fact, I think I’m having even more fun now that I’m going all in. I’d been holding back a lot in beta, skipping out on content other than questing, stuff like crafting and instances. Now that I’m doing everything, I find there’s so much to do I feel overwhelmed at times. It truly is a very fun game.

  3. Looks like pure awesome on both sides. DGF and I played Thursday and Friday evenings (Guardians on Estrael), but played WOW yesterday, got to get our girls up to 60 before the triple points time runs out.

    • Hope your girlfriend is enjoying Rift! Must be so great to be introduced to the genre, getting to try out all these great new MMOs 🙂

  4. Cool! I have an “alt” on Faeblight as well. A female character (first time for me) Defiant Rogue. Maybe we’ll see each other around. My main is on Shatterbone – 21 or 22 Bard (mostly). I’m having a blast!

    • Sweet, yeah definitely, come say hi! We got quite a lot of bloggers running around as Defiant on Faeblight 😀

  5. As much as we’ve both been on, we still haven’t met in game.

    for shame 😦

    • Well now, I just see that as a challenge for me to start stalking you 😛

      Haha, just kidding. I’m sure we will, and that’s a promise. It’s only been 5 days since headstart! 😛

  6. Glad you’re having fun and hope to see you in-game also. My main’s “Elynna.”

    • Awesome! I’m sure we’ll see each other a lot in Circle of Trust 😀

  7. […] and naming them, and being able to put together intro posts like this one, which has been a long-standing tradition on this […]

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