Riftshot Of The Day: Evil, Evil Rabbit

March 1, 2011

Last night, by using an Ethereal Puresource, I was able to snag Hoppy, Harbinger of Regulos, the glowy-eyed adorable bunny of pure malice:

1. I love devs with a sense of humor and a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. And I hold an obsession a soft spot for vanity pets in any game — they are the way to my sappy little heart.

2. I’d been dying for this pet during beta, like literally dying going from rift to rift in Freemarch trying for it to no avail. To come across Hoppy so unexpectedly on my main character now that the game has launched, you can imagine how utterly ecstatic I was. It is so easy to make me happy.

3. And so begins my long and harrowing journey into the deep dark scary world of companion pet collecting…Rift style!


  1. I wants it!! My Precious

    • Cute, isn’t he? In a certain creepy, I-will-destroy-you kinda way 😛

  2. You know the longer you keep that seemingly cute little bunny the more Evil you will become right? “it’s got teeth! Well look at the bones! “

    • Pfttt, nonsense, I’ve had my bunny out all day and I don’t feel any more evil. I’ll destroy anyone who says otherwise, muahahahahaha! Oh, oops.

  3. i just started laughing when i saw the pic.

    • You laugh at pretty much any MMO screenshot I show you 😛

  4. So, for the noobly outsider — what makes acquiring this pet so hard?

    • I think he’s a random reward from rifts. I got him out of a puresource though (think of it as a container of some sort) which also drop from rift mobs.

    • There are some various kinds of stones different from the sourcestone shards that also drops from rifts or the rift mobs which all have random items in them, sometime multiple items often.

      Once you get the stones you have to eventually click them to see what’s hidden in them and can be literally anything random, so probably thats how one gets the bunny.

  5. Reminds me of Pookie from Asheron’s Call.

    The most feared mob in the game was Pookie. He was a level 666 white rabbit. The only white rabbit in the game. If you tried to ID him he would come flying out of his cave and kill you in 1 shot. 2 if you were lucky. He was exceptionally hard to kill* but if you did kill him then you got a special orb to cast spells. The Orb of the Bunny Booty. It looked like a rabit made out of diamond. He also dropped a carcass. If you got two carcasses you could have an NPC fashion bunny slippers for you.

    On an unrelated note you could dye your armor any color. However if you failed the roll to dye the armor it came out hot pink. My wife was very proud of her hot pink dress and bunny slippers. 😉


    * seeing as there was no Holy Hand Grenade in Asheron’s Call, that is. 😉

    • I never played Asheron’s Call, but that’s a pretty damn funny story 😀 Hot pink bunny slippers FTW, I want!

  6. Ah, the rabbit is from a puresource…good to know. I have around 20 so far that I haven’t opened yet. I always thought they dropped in the Rift loot window as a standalone item. Will have to get home tonight and start opening them up.

    On a side note, how’s Faeblight btw? I had originally planned to be there but the queues were horrid and since I had taken Friday off work to play, I didn’t want my playtime to be waiting for a queue. Been playing on a new server since headstart but still eyeing Faeblight as a more permanent home.

    • Last night during the worst of primetime my queue was a little under an hour.

      This ins pite of 15 US servers showing low populations. Faeblight’s pretty popular place it seems. . .

      http://www.riftserverstatus.com will tell you the server status and if there’s a queue. (If there’s a number after the “PVP” or “RP” or whatever, then that’s the number of people in the queue.)

      • Thanks – I had heard about that website a few days ago and check it periodically.

        In eq2, I played on a RP server (AB) and really liked the community as a whole. My beta guild in Rift was rolling on Faeblight even though we were all on Wolfsbane for beta (yes, 2 of the more higher populated shards). Not that I knew very many of them well but was still something familiar on a new shard.

      • I’m not sure if you can only get the bunny from a puresource, or if it will show up in your loot window after a rift event as well. I’d actually been looking for it in the window every time I finished a rift just like you. So that’s why when I opened up my stone, I hadn’t expected to ever see on there and was shocked.

        Faeblight queues are getting better and better. 7:30 pm EST now, just logging in…only 20 min! 😀

  7. I got my Hoppy last night! I was so excited about it, been hoping for one for ages. And I absolutely love the Pookie story. ❤

  8. Very cute, now I want one 😀

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