Bounty Hunters? We DO Need Their Scum!!!

March 4, 2011

*Ahem* Pardon me while I go and have a nerdgasm — OH YES YES YES YESSSSSS THAT’S IT RIGHT THERE!!!

Okay, now that that’s out of my system, if I even have any readers left, I solemnly swear to never ever do that again. But as you know, this week’s Star Wars: The Old Republic Friday update is the one I’ve been waiting for — not-so-patiently, I might add — for more than half a year now ever since Bioware started rolling out the class videos and profiles. In fact, I’ve actually been geeking out since early yesterday afternoon, as that was when IGN first released their exclusive coverage on the Bounty Hunter video and interview.

Yes, the Bounty Hunter. My class of choice, the one I’ve set my sights on for my main character ever since it was announced, has finally gotten its update.

I love how each class trailer so far has featured a “hook” or a main theme to build the video around. For the Trooper, it’s honor and duty. For the Smuggler, he’s like “I’m-the-man-who-can-get-the-job-done”. For the Imperial Agent, it’s all about the suave.

For the Bounty Hunter, your only concern is the DEATH MARK. *Cue thriller-suspense music*

Gotta love picking out the little details in the video, stuff like delivering your bounty frozen in a block of carbonite. As usual, Darth Hater has picked out a lot of other interesting things in their dissection, which is definitely worth checking out. You can bet I’m looking forward to playing with all those abilities!

On designing specific missions for the Bounty Hunter class, Writing Director Daniel Erickson had this to say in the IGN interview:

The Bounty Hunter is his own man and always needs space to stretch out, so as much as possible missions take you into situations you won’t see with other classes. Conflicts with authority figures on both sides, stand offs with other individualists, and, of course, the epic chase are all important parts of designing a Bounty Hunter story.

I have to say, I think that’s what drew me to the class in the first place. Most of the other classes seem to be beholden to one authority or another. The Trooper serves the Republic. The Imperial Agent serves the Empire. The Jedi serve their Order. And so forth. I love how even the NPCs will apparently react most differently to the Bounty Hunters and Smugglers (the latter, of course, being the other class in the game seen as more of an “outsider”).

And well, there’s also my crush on Boba Fett…that is, before George Lucas went and destroyed all his delicious mystery.

Anyway, yes, you can probably roleplay a rogue Trooper or Agent or a “grey” Jedi, but the Bounty Hunter doesn’t need any excuse not to serve anyone. It’s just as he says in the video, “The only law in the galaxy, is the one a man makes for himself.” In fact, I think IGN even picks up on that, if their question about Bioware’s decision to ally Bounty Hunters with the Dark Side is any indication. Given the nefarious roles which many Bounty Hunters have played in the Star Wars expanded universe, I think it was the right choice. The only choice, perhaps.

Doesn’t mean I’m necessarily going down the dark path. Most likely I’ll be playing the class following my own moral compass. Who knows, maybe I’ll only hunt the bad guys. I may work for the Sith, but I’m a Bounty Hunter, I can make those kinds of decisions without clearing it with them first.

On inspiration for the Bounty Hunter class, Erickson states:

Before originally planning the first chapter of the Bounty Hunter I read every Bounty Hunter comic and book I could get my hands on. Dengar is a particular favorite both for his complicated friendship with Boba Fett and his gritty, old cowboy attitude towards life.

I see a lot of potential for this class. There have been so many Bounty Hunters featured in years and years of Star Wars history. From Calo Nord to Aurra Sing, from Bossk to Cad Bane, from Boushh to IG-88. Lots of big names to work with and ideas to draw from, so hopefully they’re not relying so heavily on Boba Fett for inspiration the same way the Smuggler class appears to be stuck on Han Solo. Erickson’s mention of Dengar and “a very diverse group of companions” available to the Bounty Hunter are good signs of things to come.

The Bounty Hunter’s role for the Empire is similar to that of the Trooper on the Republic side. One could say that they are arch enemies. Within the class, the roles are divided as follows : the Mercenary advanced class can take the role of ranged damage dealer or healer [and] the Powertech advanced class can take the role of close range damage dealer or tank. The skill trees for these advanced classes offer various ways of sub-specializing these roles (e.g. burst vs. sustained kind of damage dealing roles, etc.)

I do prefer playing classes with multiple utilities, so I’m glad the Bounty Hunter has Advanced Class options to either go tanking or healing, in addition to dealing damage.

And I suppose if we’re looking at roles and abilities, the class does have clear parallels to the Republic’s Trooper. Lorewise, however, I’ve always personally thought of the Smuggler as the Bounty Hunter’s natural “mirror”. As already mentioned above, they’re both seen as the outsiders compared to the other classes. Erickson’s words about looking at classic Westerns for tone and texture as well as his quote about Dengar’s “gritty, old cowboy attitude” underscores the similarities to the Smuggler for me even more.

From the screenshots, it appears each specialization will have its own distinct look-and-feel. I guess it’s no surprise that the Mercenary Advanced Class is the one taking it to the Westerns.

The Powertech specialization on the other hand has the more “traditional” armored look, and this is probably the AC I’ll end up going with since I love playing with gadgets and I want to tank.

The Bounty Hunter also features an update to the Rattataki entry in the Holonet under Humanoids. They’re an interesting species, but not my thing, I’m afraid. They just creep me out. That, and I’m shallow and prefer having hair. Or hey, better yet, how about a pair of long beautiful lekku?

As well, a companion for the Bounty Hunter has been revealed. Meet Mako, the “Cyber Orphan”. I have to say, I’d expected another hard-boiled, tough-as-nails description for her, and I was relieved that I was wrong. After all, we already have two crazy chicks and that’s plenty enough for now! Mako seems down-to-earth to me. And everyone loves a geek girl.

And last but not least, it’s not a real update unless it’s also got a ship reveal. Bounty Hunters will be flying around in a Kuat Drive Yards D5-Mantis Patrol Craft. Seriously, where do they come up with these names? KDY and its subsidiary Kuat Systems Engineering, however, was also the manufacturer responsible for the beloved spacecraft of Boba Fett, the original Slave I. Its influences can clearly be seen weaved into the D5-Mantis. Not the most luxurious-looking ship (seriously, that bed in the video looks like I’ll need a tetanus shot after sleeping in it), but it can fight and that’s all that matters.

Still, I would have appreciated a little more description. Like, what kind of cargo space am I looking at? Where can I pack and load my frozen carbonite prisoners for safe transport? Come on, it’s not like I can insure that crap!

Anyway, as Jaramukhti (I so wish he had a blog for me to link! Really!) pointed out from a quote from a dev, this update was probably intended to have been last week’s reveal, following the pattern of releases. Hence this week, we get something like an update-and-a-half. Which turns out to be more information and details on SWTOR at PAX East.

I can’t believe it’s next week. Seriously, the time has just flown by. At BioWare’s Booth 912, they will be providing hands-on gameplay experience for the Republic Flashpoint Taral V and the starting origin worlds. I’m not sure if I want to try for the opportunity. Strange, but in being so emotionally invested in SWTOR, it has also become one of those games I don’t want to get so intimately involved with before release. That, and I can’t promise my hands won’t be shaking so hard from excitement and delirium. I will, however, probably do my darndest to attend any presentations and Live Q&As.


  1. Why do I feel like I need a cigarette?

    Fantastic preview. If this does not excite the fanbase, I don’t know what will. 😉

    • “Why do I feel like I need a cigarette?”

      Haha! My thoughts exactly 😛

  2. damn you. i decided yesterday to name my post “we don’t need their scum” gargh! now i will find a new title. lol. i will read this post later.

    • All I can say is, great minds think alike! Kinda neat too, since there are literally tons of other great Star Wars bounty hunter quotes floating around out there.

      • Not too many iconic, smuggler archetypes that you would want to base the smuggler class on in truth. I can think of a half dozen scraggly, dirty, untrustworthy examples of smugglers, but just han solo and talon karrde for smugglers i’d want to be like.

      • Yeah, that was an observation I made too. Not too many renowned smugglers out there, so my guess is that’s why they went heavy with the Han Solo look and feel. That’s who most people think when they hear “Star Wars smuggler”, and you’re right, probably not too many others that players would want to be.

  3. “Anyway, as Jaramukhti (I so wish he had a blog for me to link! Really!) pointed out from a quote from a dev … ”

    Lol, if I could ever find the time to think of a blog title and do the set up…But life has my time’s testicles in a vice grip and refuses to let go. (I always make time for SWTOR, though.)

    Oh dear, where to even begin?

    First off, I suppose congratulations are in order. I knew you were waiting for the BH video for a long time, so I’m happy that you finally got the class trailer you’ve been heartsick for all this time. (I just happened to luck out that my preferred class [Sith Warrior] was the first video released.)

    Second, that was a hell of a trailer. I wouldn’t even know where to start with the kudos. Well, maybe I would start with Steve Blum’s narration, which was super sweet. I think the moment where a little satisfied smirk came to my face was when the BH said “Don’t let it go to your head, though. To me, you’re just another job.” I could swear he was probably even enjoying the dancers all around as he walked the guy right through the cantina with one gun in the guy’s back.

    The music really stood out to me in the trailer, and it intensified at all the right moments. In particular, right after the scene detailed in the paragraph above, the music really kicked into high gear. It set the tone perfectly, getting progressively more exciting (I think I may have laughed awesomely when the Tusken raider popped up–“HURRRR!”) Plus, it was cool to hear the music from the Bounty Hunter Armor Progression video again.

    I could probably go on for hours about the video and its brilliance, but there was so much more to the update that it would be wrong not to give it all equal attention.

    I want to say right off, I envy the hell out of anyone that has a chance to make it to PAX East. I was expecting BioWare to bring more than just a simple demo, and it seems I wasn’t wrong. I had no idea they would actually let people play through an entire mid-game flashpoint, however. That is just sick (as I imagine the line will be on the weekend, too). Add to that the fact that all starter worlds will be playable, in what could potentially be the final build or maybe the 2nd to last build for SWTOR, and you have a very, VERY robust platter of gameplay from which to sample. I foresee the lines for the Taral V flashpoint, and for both the Jedi classes, being like rush hour. Good luck to anyone who is planning to fight through it.

    I must admit, I sort of envy the Bounty Hunters for having a companion like Mako. Just like you, I also noticed that she is of a different “type” than the other female companions we’ve seen, which provides some great variety. Sith Warriors have variety (I hear Vette is far from an “ice queen” like a Kaliyo Djannis, that she sort of has a bubbly personality), but I think Mako has more of a controlled, mature, laid-back, calmer temperament than any companion I’ve seen so far for the Sith Warrior. I dig that kind of personality, honestly, so I hope somewhere along the line the Sith Warrior gets to meet up with a Mako-like companion.

    I must admit the Bounty Hunter is working its way up the order of classes I want to play. My top 5 list right now looks like:

    1. Sith Warrior
    2. Imperial Agent
    3. Bounty Hunter
    4. Jedi Knight
    5. Female Smuggler (normally I don’t play female toons, but I am a huge fan of Kath Soucie’s voice work, so I think I may make an exception here.)

    The rest changes with time, and released content.

    A week ago, Bounty Hunter was probably closer to #5 on my list; this class trailer definitely moved them up for me.

    Bounty Hunters definitely have a lot going for them. Their voice acting, their mystique, their armor sets (I haven’t seen one I disliked yet), their abilities, etc—all of it makes for a seemingly flavorful class that looks fun as hell to play.

    I can’t wait until I can run into the middle of a group of Tusken raiders and activate my little barbecue whirlwind ability.

    • Ok, I’ve popped my blog cherry now. Still not sure what to do with it, though.

    • YAY!!! I shall be keeping an eye on your blog! Still Sunday right now, so I’ll give it a good read tomorrow 🙂

      And yes, tons of info on the Bounty Hunter this week, I was so excited. It was a great trailer, and y ou’re right, it didn’t take off until the music kicked off into high gear. I would say right around when you hear that “boom” before he says “we’ll be seeing each other real soon” or something to that effect. I didn’t even notice it was the same music as the armor progression trailer, but you’re right! I love it…

      Yeah, there’s going to be tons of people waiting to play the Taral flashpoint, I’d imagine. I don’t think I’ll be planning to fight through it, there’s tons more at PAX I’d like to see than just spending the whole thing waiting in a line.

      The BH is still my number one choice…but honestly, it’s a 7-way tie for the number two spot 😛 Because I’ve been focusing so much on the BH, I really haven’t been putting much thought into what other classes I will want to play. The Smuggler and the Trooper look really nice on the Republic side. The Sith Inquisitor also looks fun on the Empire…ARG, I don’t know, they ALL look good.

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  5. Great write up, now I gotta go change my pants.

    • Haha, glad I have at least one reader left after that display 😛

  6. I have to say I like the idea of a Bounty Hunter: Allied to no one, answers to no one, makes their own rules.

  7. Been reading all the star wars post, but not the biggest of fans. However this post and the video preview did get me really excited.

    • Ha! No one can resist the bounty hunter! 😉

  8. I like the look of the bounty hunter better than the smuggler now. The flying head butt, the spiral flame aoe attack and that rope..sigh. It’ll be hard not to yell Go Go gadget.. while playing this toon.

    • That spiral flame attack move almost made me fall out of my seat. Best part of the trailer, imo 🙂

  9. So if the BH and the Trooper are parallels (role-wise if not lore-wise) does that mean Smugglers and Agents are mirrors? I confess to not following this closely super closely, for similar reasons as you, GC. I love the discovery. That said, with DGF looking to be a Bounty Hunter, looks like I’ll be leaning Inquisitor or Agent.

    Looks like Jaramukhti doesn’t need his own blog, he just posts here. You should change the blog title to MMOGC and Jaramukhti.

    And, gotta say. Best. Blog opening. EVAR!!

    • Lol, is there a blog that gives out instructions on how to create acceptable blog response posts by length?:P

      Luckily, this only occurs once a week.

    • I’ve not been following too closely either (for the exact same reasons as you two — I’m excited, but I like discovery and fear burnout), but I was intrigued by the Trooper-Bounty Hunter juxtaposition. Like GeeCee, I see the Smuggler and Bounty Hunter as natural enemies, in part because of the clear tension between Han Solo and Boba Fett.

      But I can see the Trooper-BH juxtaposition, too. I mean, both use similar equipment, and Republic SpecOps are probably deployed in the same way Imperial Bounty Hunters are. But one ostensibly follows orders and fits into a chain of command, while the other… doesn’t. Even if the real differences play out differently, each class has an interesting tension with Authority.

      • Hey, weird, I didn’t even think of that, but you’re absolutely right — even in the lore beyond the movies, Han and Boba Fett remain lifelong rivals. They respect each other, but they’re also essentially each others’ arch nemesis, at least the way I see it. I’m kicking myself for that not having occurred to me.

    • I think so. I mean, both the Smuggler and Agent has “sneakish” qualities to them, one being like a rogue and the other a spy. I’m guessing many of their abilities will reflect that. They’ll both likely use firearms, though I see the Smuggler as more of a gunslinger and the Agent as more of a sniper.

      BTW, tell your GF she has good taste in classes! Bounty Hunters ftw, woot woot 😛

      And did you see, Jara ended up making a blog!

  10. I used to sleep with Boba Fett and I played a BH in SWG. I can wait to get my hands on SWTOR BH and finally kill some Jedis

    • I’m jealous. You probably meant a Boba Fett toy or sheets, but even then I’m still jealous.

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