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Riftshot Of The Day: WTB Spider Contraceptives

March 8, 2011

Last night, husband and I tagged along for a free guild run of Foul Cascade offered by a couple higher-level guildies Faraii and Rer. It is an instance located in the Scarlet Gorge zone, and as a Defiant, getting to the entrance is half the fun. It’s a beautiful “dungeon”, its circular map surrounded by tall ridges and open to the sky. Much thanks to Blue Kae for the following screen capture.

1. Queen Vallnara is the last boss of the instance. One of her abilities involve impregnating random people in the group which stuns for two seconds and places a hatchling inside of you. After five seconds, the spiny little bundle of joy bursts out of you and fights as an add.

2. Giving birth to an arachnoid baby is as painful and horrible as it sounds. The proof is in the falling health bars.

3. My being impregnated more than once did not help the situation…nor my reputation. Har har, laugh it up, guys in vent.

4. It takes a truly wicked and diabolical person to take advantage of a teammate waiting while she’s busy healing her butt off to take embarrassing screenshots of her! *glares at Blue Kae!*