Preparing For PAX

March 10, 2011

Like other folks who are attending PAX East this year, I am prepping for my trip. It’s going to be an interesting weekend, and not just because of the expo. I’ll be playing things by ear, because the next few days will also be more than just about PAX East. I’ll be sticking around in Massachusetts even afterward for family and business, so I just want to say my blog posting schedule for the next week may or may not be sporadic.

It’s kinda wacky. When I first bought these PAX East passes back in September of last year, I had thought we would be moved to the new house, unpacked, and all settled in by now. I had no idea that during the first couple weeks of March, we’d still have no furniture and be buried to our necks in moving boxes. Most of my belongings like clothing are still sealed up in a few of them…somewhere. Until I find the right boxes (which I doubt I can manage before we have to leave), I’ll just have to make do with what’s on hand.

Heh, at least I don’t have to worry about over-packing. Besides the travel essentials, all I really need to occupy myself is my laptop, mobile phone, and Kindle.

We’re also trying to cut down on our costs for this trip. Normally, we’d be trying to figure out accommodations, but lucky for us, my brother-in-law lives in Boston and he has so graciously invited us to stay with him over the weekend. He’s also a gamer and MMO player, so earlier this year we bought a PAX East pass for him as well, so he can join us for the craziness. The best part? His house is just ten minutes away from the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, where PAX East is being held this year.

We also won’t take any more days off than we have to. Friday will be a travel day, and we’ll also be driving. That’s 7 hours by car with our two doggies — the big one that has been known to be prone to carsickness, and the little one that lately has just been getting over a bout of explosive diarrhea. FUN!

Friday evening we’ll probably be too exhausted to do anything, the most we’ll manage is probably attending one of the numerous community meet-ups. The real fun will begin in earnest on Saturday. I have no idea what to expect, besides lots and lots of people and long lines. Nevertheless, I’m excited because I know there will be tons to do and see. No doubt I’ll be studying the event schedule and putting together a list of things I want to hit up while I’m on my long road trip!


  1. Take lots of pictures! And have fun too!

    • Ooooh how could I almost forget?! *adds camera to list of electronics to bring* 😀

  2. Am I the only personn not going 😦 … damn I need more monies for this kind of stuff.

    • My first spring in the US, otherwise I don’t think I would have decided to go either. Flying internationally is so expensive even if it’s from Canada.

  3. Keep an eye open for a fat old man with a reddish-brown pony tail, accompanied by a lass with long red hair who looks young enough to be his daughter. (I once took Angela to the emergency room when she sprained her ankle and the nurse referred to me as her dad; you should’ve seen the look on her face when I told her I was her boyfriend. It’s not my fault she’s led a clean life and I’ve led a rotten one!)

    • I’m going to try to make it to the tweet-up, depending on how energetic my travel companions feel by Saturday night. If not, we’ll see if we can meet up on the show floor 🙂

  4. I live in Mass and was not planning on going but meh why not if I have cash Its not too far I drive in to Boston to work everyday anyhow. How much is a day pass at the door do you know?

    • Nevermind it said not to show up if you didnt already have a pass 😦 LOL!

    • I think they’re all sold out. 😦

      But I’m sure there are unofficial parties around town that won’t require a badge.

      • Yeah, all sold out. But yeah, like pasmsith said some of the community meet ups around town won’t require a PAX badge. I know the Rift folks are organizing one like that on Friday night, for example.

  5. Seven hours won’t be too bad. Think of it as half a day’s work on an MMO. Only the level is a car on a rail and you have to play it like the Sims with keeping your whole party satisfied along the way, and no matter if you get all the achievements you’ll still arrive at an awesome place!

    • Ooh, I love the analogy! But better not think like I’m playing the Sims because…well, let’s just say I don’t play the Sims the conventional way 😛

      • Yes, I seem to recall a post about an entire neighborhood of West Virginians. 😛

  6. Lol, sounds like you have quite a bit of preparation ahead of you. Good luck with that, and have a blast.

    Be sure to keep an eye on the BioWare stage in their area. Since they are not going to have a big presentation this year, everything new will come from there.

    Take it easy, MMOGC. Drive safe.

  7. Have fun! I look forward to your coverage 🙂

  8. Have fun, I decided it was too far for the spare time/money I have. Would’ve been a blast, though.

  9. Have fun and write all about it when you get back!! 🙂

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