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And Now Back To Our Regular Rift Programming!

March 17, 2011

Jumping back into Rift!

Okay, after the last handful of posts, I’m all PAX’ed out. I had a fun weekend in Boston and all, plus we also stayed in Massachusetts for another few days for work and to visit some family, but now I’m back home and I can’t be more relieved. I miss playing games!

Funny, because I actually dug up my old gaming laptop right before we left on our trip, and I spent a whole morning cleaning up the memory, updating its drivers, and of course installing game clients like Rift…but in the end, it was all pointless — utterly, utterly pointless.

I hardly took out my laptop at all while I was on my trip, and I never played Rift once. It wasn’t like I didn’t have time; in fact, most of my evenings for the last few days were pretty free while chilling in our hotel room. But that’s just it, as nice as our accommodations were and we even had free wireless access, it’s not home. I realize some people can be on the road and take up their MMOs wherever they go, but I tried to muster up the motivation to log in and just couldn’t find it. I’m guessing I need to be in my comfort zone or a certain frame of mind, not just to immerse myself, but in order to even work up the drive to fire up an MMO…something a strange new place can’t seem to provide.

Wish I had realized this about myself earlier, would have saved me the trouble of lugging around an extra 20-pound bag. Well, lesson learned. What I did instead was spend those free hours in the evening watching TV or reading. I got to enjoy a couple great books, but now I’m ready to catch up on some Rift (I must be so behind my guild now!) and also play some Dragon Age 2.

(Special thanks to Blue Kae for the screenshot.)