Rift: One Month Of Cleric-ing Around

March 30, 2011

I was a little iffy about starting a Cleric at first, as I always get nervous whenever I tackle a healing-capable class for the first time, but I’d underestimated the power and flexibility of the Rift soul system. Now after a full month of playing the game, I realize it was the perfect class for me after all.

My World of Warcraft guildies used to tease me all the time, calling me the “Swiss Army knife of the guild” because my main was a Druid dual-specced feral and resto, and I lugged around about four different sets of armor so I could pretty much fill any DPS, healing or tanking role that was required of me. But I liked that! Sometimes I think it’s my OCD and ADHD clashing together in an epic battle to influence my way of playing. For one thing, I’m not really into alts. I’ve started a couple in Rift, but they’ve barely been touched. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to be able to experiment with all the other classes and their souls one day, but for now I’d much rather focus on a single character and experience everything the game has to offer, including achievements, collections, and higher level content.

At the same time, I enjoy having options and love variety. I like filling multiple roles. Maybe that’s why I always find myself being drawn to the “hybrid” classes. Sometimes, being able to switch from one style of ranged to yet another style of ranged just isn’t enough for me.

What I was delighted to find in my first or second week of playing was just how adaptable the Cleric is. I started off with a solo melee build — Shaman/Druid/Justicar — with survival being my first priority. I wasn’t the best healer, nor did I have the best DPS — but I had just enough of both to crush my enemies and survive a barrage of anything they could throw at me.

Shortly afterward, it became clear to me that since I am always playing with my other half who is a Warrior, I wasn’t going to need that much survival anymore if he could just act as my personal shield. I began crafting a new soul combination for myself, one that focused more on pure damage. The result — Inquisitor/Cabalist. BAM! Suddenly, just like that, I was a caster. This is also the role I tend to use when I’m in dungeon with a healer already in the party, or if I’m in a big group or raid doing rifts.

When my husband started building a new main tank role for instances, I went and bought my third role and started looking into healing. As a tank/healer team, finding groups is never a problem, and the two of us are strong enough to take on elite quests and even major rifts by ourselves. For this, I went Purifier/Sentinel/Warden, which I use mostly for instances but also sometimes too when rifting, if I see a disconcertingly low number of light blue names in the raid frames.

Believe you me, if I only had the platinum to spare right now for a fourth role, I’d be trying my hand at tanking too!

Dammit, I love my Cleric.


  1. I’ve decided to ditch my warrior and rogue for my cleric. I tried using the druid/shaman/justicar build, but it wasn’t killing fast enough, or standing long enough. I don’t know what role I was playing.

    Oddly enough, I’ve found that my original build (purifier/sentinel/warden) does targeted healing well, AND hits like a steel cinderblock. I can solo perfectly fine, taking down level appropriate targets before they reach me, and can even survive well enough up close thanks to the healing abilities. In groups, I can target heal (which is good, since most of my “groups” are with a friend), all without having to switch souls.

    I have to see about other possible combos, since I haven’t touched the other souls. They’re feeling lonely 😦

    • Purifier/Sentinel/Warden does heals exceptionally well! I haven’t really been using it to DPS though, I should see about beefing up that aspect. When I get caught in combat in my healer role right now, I’m really slow at killing.

  2. I always play heals. Just how I have relegated myself thanks to my family who MMO’s.

    But, for the first time, I enjoy having so many options to heal (as most games, like WAR for example, used one heal most of the time) and learning how to not aggro based on heal amounts, etc. has been a blast.

    Our group is off-tank/dps, Bard off-heal/dps and my full 100% Sentinel heal. Using this combo, we actually added one more DPS one time and fully ran a dungeon. That is not normal…

    Thus why I LOVE Clerics in Rift!

    • Heh heh, when my husband and I play MMOs, one of us is always the healer as well, and we try to take turns 🙂

      And yeah, in my healing role I have like a ton of options. I love how I can mix it up depending on how much emphasis I want to place on each soul, get some shields here, some extra AoE heals there, etc.

  3. Hmm been working, the melee cleric, Druid/Justicar/something else, but I haven’t really been feeling it. I may switch to a more caster-type role. I was exploring Old Mathosia, looking for Asha’a body, on an alt cleric and loved the Inquisitor/Cabalist/Purifier, plus I quickly pictured her as a sadistic bitch, excellent for roleplaying and stories.

    • I really liked melee for soloing, but once I went caster I’ve really fallen in love with that playstyle for my Cleric. I’m playing with a lot of DoTs and channeled abilities too, so I’m kinda mixing it up.

  4. Glad you’re having a good time healin’! I only know a handful of buddies that like healing, and while I too enjoy it for it’s change of pace (instead of draining the red bars, we fill up the green), it’s not exactly my cup of tea. I can do it and enjoy it, I’d just prefer other things. Luckily RIFT has a lot of nooks and specs you can mix/match to your liking ^_^ Even more replay value, which is a staple in MMOs.

    • The first time I healed an instance on my Cleric, I nearly had a heart attack 😛 I was not prepared and it took some getting used to…but with each run of an instance, I would find “gaps” in my build that I would fix up for next time, and in doing so I improved on my set up. It’s still not perfect, but with every point I gain with each level I am slowly getting to where I’m happy with it 🙂

  5. My main role anymore is the “Inquisicar” — Currently I’m 43 Inquis / 11 Justicar / 6 Sentinel, and tbh I think of myself more as a battlemage than a cleric when in this mode.

    Secondary role is a 44 Warden / 16 Sentinel / 0 Purifier as a healer.

    Third role is 38 Justicar / 14 Shaman / 6 Inquisitor (yes really) for my tanking build.

    Eventually I’ll buy that 4th role for a melee dps build, but. . . not yet. Love my cleric!

    • Battlemage sounds awesome 🙂 Now I’m inspired to make myself something like that too, a melee/ranged balanced build to play around with.

      Your tanking build looks interesting! Think I’ll give that a try when I finally get that fourth role!

  6. i need more plats too for more roles; best implementation ever 😀 I love it on my rogue; if i get bored of dps, ill go full bard and heal/support

    • Sigh, I love playing new games but there’s also the pesky downside of being poor all the time 😛 Between supporting training for all my roles and leveling crafting, I’m pretty broke. And now there’s that mount I want to get on top of the plat I’m supposed to be saving for my fourth role 🙂

  7. Haven’t tried any alts yet, but it sounds like cleric would be the way to go. I’ve stuck mostly to my elementalist build for my mage, but I’m so glad I have the option to go chloromancer if I want a change. Thank goodness for fun choices!

    • I hear chloromancers are awesome healers! Played a mage in beta, but only used the chloromancer soul for support. I had a mostly elementalist build as well.

  8. Grrrr, stop making me want to 2nd guess my initial impression of Rift by playing the Hybrid card. 😛

    • Haha, I know you appreciate hybrids as much as I do 😀

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  10. I am still on the fence with whether to try this game. Posts like this swing me towards opening my mind (and my wallet). I miss healing; it’s my favorite role in any MMO. My second favorite role is tanking. DPS is nice (so soloing can go faster). To think I could conceivably have all of that in one toon…sounds too good to be true.

    • The flexibility of the soul system truly is something I enjoy out of Rift. Clerics are pretty adaptable, and the other class I hear about a lot is the Rogue. Bards can heal and apparently one of the souls also make the rogue a decent tank. If I ever get around to making an alt, I want to try it out.

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