Rift: River Of Souls

April 4, 2011

Last week, Rift saw the release of Patch 1.1 and the start of their first world event:

* The Endless Court invades Telara! This worldwide event for all present-day Telara zones and level ranges culminates in the opening of the River of Souls raid zone.
* Events and rewards are available for characters of all levels!
* The new World Event UI keeps you up-to-date on current and future event progress. Check it out to see where your server stands in the fight against the Plane of Death.
* Quest starters in Meridian and Sanctum offer currency rewards for special vendors, including limited-time items only available during this event.

For the last few nights, I’ve been participating in it, trying to mix it up a little by questing and fighting Alsbeth’s forces at the same time. At first, I loved it — it brought new lore to the game which is always a welcome addition, the raids were a blast, and most importantly, I appreciated the inclusiveness of the event. There’s something for everyone.

Yet, after the first couple of days, things started to feel like a chore. In Rift’s defense, it’s just a matter of time anything involving doing dailies will start to feel like that for me. I also realize that this is only Phase 1, and things may still be in the process of “ramping up”. Currently, all zones can open death rifts and spawn invasions related to the event. In subsequent phases, however, I’ve heard that things get a little more crazy and interesting — massive incursions and boss attacks on cities, etc. The next phase begins later this week, so I’m looking forward to that.

Still, I must have the most rotten luck or something! Of the four daily quests that are currently active, there’s two that always give me a hard time — “Harbinger of Sorrows” and “Exorcising Evil”. Sealing three death rifts of my own level for the former is more challenging than I expected, though perhaps not surprising since everyone and their mothers are jumping into them as soon as they spawn. My new routine has become questing in one area for about 2 hours in the evening, which is what I would normally do anyway, but now I’m also keeping my eyes peeled for death rifts along the way and crossing my fingers that I’ll hit three before the night is over. Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes not.

For “Exorcising Evil”, the problem of course is finding a death invasion — of any level, really. Last night it took me over an hour of bouncing around Telara to finally find one. Death rifts are usually sealed within minutes of their existence, usually before they have the chance to spawn any invasions at all. A quick patch over the weekend showed that spawn rate of River of Souls rifts, invasions and zone-wide events have increased, but I haven’t noticed a big difference personally. But like I said, I may just be having horrid luck with this.

No matter! So far, I only have two main goals — those who know me shouldn’t be surprised that I have my eye on the vanity pet rewards on the special vendors, and if all goes well I should rack up enough Otherworldly Sourcestones to afford them all, if not by the end of this phase then surely by the end of the entire event. That shadehound is cuuuuuute.

My second goal is to get to level 50! Phase 3 will undoubtedly require players to be of a higher level to participate; I figure it would be nice if I could be a part of that. Seeing as I’m currently sitting at halfway to 45, I think I have an excellent shot!


  1. I used one of Anjin’s keys to finally try out Rift this weekend. I have to say I was pretty impressed. Not quite going to make it to the top of my que until I get done with the epic book chains in LoTRO, but I do plan to get it soon.

    • Cool, glad to see you enjoyed your time! What class/souls did you play with? And I hear the trial accounts are capped at 15, but nice that folks were able to participate in the event regardless!

      • I didn’t know I was so close to the cap. I made it to 14 on a Elementalist/ Dominator/ Stormcaller. Most points into elementalist, leftovers into dominator. Worked really well. Started on a server you mentioned in one of your posts in case I decide to go back with a sub; I assume there is a blogger friendly guild there 🙂

  2. As my characters are bothy in their teens I’m not sure I’m seeing the even the same way. I noticed there are some quests to get Planar shards and I get a bunch from rifts. Thats all I can tell is different.

    Are the numerous invasions part of the event? I have water Rifts invading Freemarch like crazy; If I want to complete a quest I have to run around dodging Invasions and Rifts or I’ll get nothing done. Although they all seem to be water related and I think the event is suposed to be Death?

    I dunno.

    • I meant “Otherworldly Sourcestone” not Planar Shard

    • Yeah, the death rifts and invasions from the River of Souls event will drop otherworldly sourcestones now too, the “currency” for the event. Sometimes they pop as a zone-wide event where things go crazy, other times it’s just a few death rifts here and there and the invasions they spawn.

      Zones originally have zone-wide invasion events, but now they will occasionally see the death ones from River of Souls on top of them as well. Since Freemarch already has a death event as well as a water event (one of which you saw) so now with River of Souls they have two death events. 🙂

      I used to try and dodge invasions and rifts, but now when events happen I drop everything and participate. The draw for rewards and reputation and achievements for defeating the zone bosses is just too much! 😛

  3. Yes, the last stage of River of Souls will need level 50 or at least close it (48-49) because need run inside a place full with elite mobs level 50-52.

    But there are some advices for that last stage:
    1- disable PvP, too many raids (20 players) at same place, both defiant and guardian, and both sides will need use AOE for clear the adds, don’t make the things worse.
    2- bosses will spawn adds, kill them asap or you can find that place full with adds hunting the players all over the place.
    3- get an emergency healer at the ressurrection plataforms, because everyone will die so many times that will get to 0% vitality fast.

    • Yes, even now it sometimes bugs me when I see some Guardians go into a raid with PvP enabled, forcing me to single target if I don’t want to be flagged myself. Regardless, by the time the action is over, you see that half the group ended up flagged for PvP anyway. And when I’m in healing mode, I always get flagged for healing my flagged comrades.

      The last stage sounds fun though, can’t wait!

  4. @Thac0

    At lower levels, the most notable diference is that some zones will spawn 3 diferent rifts. Teh nromal is that a zone have 2 diferent rifts and invasions. The event added death rifts and invasions to some zones, and zones that had death invasions now have 2 difernt kinds of death invasions (the normal ones and the event ones).

    For who played teh game since the start, other diference is that the event rifts have diferent strategies. The mobs are diferent and for close them they need be attacked a diferent way.

    So, if you fight the event werewolf rift you need kill the mobs near the stones. And it is admirable how many people until now don’t learn it and kill the mobs at the middle of rift…

    • Yeah sometimes the big crowd of people near the stones already is enough to clue them in, but most of the time I notice someone still has to /say or /yell for the group to kill the wolves near the stones.

  5. Yeah, it’s a little frustrating dealing with people who don’t know and won’t listen with the werewolf rifts. Heck, I didn’t know but at least when I heard people say “Pull them back to the stones or we don’t get credit” I listened and changed what I was doing.

    I was in a rift that we had to kill a total of 8 mobs to advance to the next stage, and I bet we killed 30 or more because people kept nuking them in the center away from the stones. Some of it was accidental… we had so many people at that rift that a bunch of people would hit a mob with 1 spell to pull it, but when a dozen people do that… dead mob.

    But some of it was about a group of people who refused to “do it right”. Not sure if they were stubborn or griefers or just dumb.

    • LOL that happened to us a lot, especially near the beginning when there were so many level 50s in our lower level zones! Sometimes it was like one-shot…dead mob. Amazing how some strategies can be so simple, but throw a group of 20 random people together and watch how things go terribly terribly wrong 😀

  6. My favorite part about the event so far has been the reaction NPCs in Sanctum have when you’re killing the minions of Regulos. Civilians run away in fear and guards run up to engage the mob. It’s nice to see a degree of life that was missing earlier in the game (the best example I recall being Quicksilver College where friendly NPCs would walk by all nonchalantly when you’re engaging trolls that have infiltrated the area).

    Other than that, I’ve been a bit underwhelmed by it. We’ve now had two hotfixes upping the level of activity (was this intentional or reactionary?) of the event and they’ve apparently clarified the text for the ‘Exorcising Evil’ quest (though after reading the revised text, I’m not noticing any difference). Such moves leave a bit of a sour taste in my mouth (a feeling of incompleteness/hurried execution over the whole thing which may or may not be accurate).

    I’m still enjoying leveling three characters (I absolutely love this Soul system) though so I’ll be curiously waiting to see how this event folds out.

    • I finally sensed a noticeable increase in activity a couple days ago 😛 But yeah, I’m with you. Quest objectives were kind of confusing too. For example, it took me a while to get it all sorted out in my head, but one of the quests requires you to destroy 5 invaders, but apparently any invader of any level will do. The seal 3 quest daily only works on the event death rifts, but has to be your level. Exorcising Evil on the other hand will work on any level, but they must be of Alsbeth’s death invasions! LOL, it’s just way more complicated than it needs be, I think 😛

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